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Amy Schumer Growing provides the comedian’s best stand-up, as Amy talks about marriage, pregnancy and her personal growth.

Amy Schumer is the comedy equivalent of Marmite, but regardless of your feelings for the comedian, she has a following, and Netflix’s Amy Schumer Growing was not short of laughs from the audience. Her latest stand-up marks a significant milestone in her life and career; not only has she found love after many jokes regarding her failed romances, but she is also pregnant. Amy Schumer uses these experiences as the main gateway to her material.

Not only does her new phase in life work in comedy form, but Amy Schumer Growing is most likely her best stand-up to date. And I believe I know the reason why. Rather than the comedian finding ways of being explicitly vulgar and finding ways to poke fun at herself, she has topics that people give a **** about. We want to know her experiences of when her partner proposed, or how soul-destroying it is when you are throwing up constantly for 5 hours due to your pregnancy.

Amy Schumer always has a way of discussing her body, her image and the general day to day niggles of being a woman – that’s her niche; she exaggerates how ugly or overweight she’s perceived to be, which has gained her a loyal fanbase – but it means more when she has a story to tell. In Amy Schumer Growing she is not finding new, exclusive and wild ways to express feelings about her image. Instead, she gives us a story of how the media missed that she was pregnant because of her body – that’s way funnier than her trying to find ways of exaggerating her alter ego.

Amy Schumer Growing delves into the truth about real relationships, and the unrealistic dream of having sex with your partner every day. The comedian discusses the terror of women discussing tampons in public, and the fear women feel when walking home. Rather than blame men for the wrongs of the world, she goes into a discussion of the societal norms that construct our beliefs – she delivers a thought-provoking scenario of men being taught to be masculine as a default, which in turn forces women in a default position.

I sincerely feel that regardless of your opinion of Amy Schumer, Growing will be worth your time in an hour-long stand-up. There’s well-written material in her relatable stories that will amuse you for the running time. And if you do not enjoy Amy Schumer Growing, then you will likely never like the comedian.

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