‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 16 Recap

March 25, 2019
Daniel Hart 1
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Episode 16, “Memento Mori” gives Charmed some serious writing for once, which works in its favour in a dark, revealing chapter.



Episode 16, “Memento Mori” gives Charmed some serious writing for once, which works in its favour in a dark, revealing chapter.

This recap of Charmed Episode 16, “Memento Mori”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Out of all the episodes thrown at us by the Charmed reboot, Episode 16, “Memento Mori”, is the most seriously-written chapter. There are hardly any jokes or cheese, and it worked in its favor. Following on from the aftermath of Episode 15. Charity (Virginia Williams) has her work cut out after Macy (Madeleine Mantock) retrieves a memory that she killed their mother.

Charity spends most of “Memento Mori” doing her utmost best to keep Macy in a daze, applying memory spells and putting her on long naps. At first, Macy cannot remember anything of the memory or Charity killing an Elder in front of her, but because she’s a Charmed One, her memories keep trickling back, albeit slowly. Charity continues to counter the scenario by keeping a surveillance device on her, and turning up whenever Macy figures anything out.

Bubbling under the surface, Alistair is putting his plans together now he has managed to get Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Parker (Nick Hargrove) back together. He covertly gives Parker a demon infection to persuade his demonic side to return, but Parker is adamant that he can never be that person again.

Eventually, Macy figures out what happened in the previous episode. Charity decides to take matters into her own hands, bringing them beneath the house where the vortex is and attempts to kill Macy. The others have their suspicions raised at the opportune time and join them at the vortex. Harry looks disappointed but admirably unphased and locks her hands together.

Charmed Episode 16 Recap - Memento Mori

The sisters support Macy and ask if they can see the memory. The memory is extended this time, showing how Charity was worried about their mother’s inbound spell. Their mother confesses to bringing Macy back to life and starts uttering a spell. Charity in response throws her out of the window, but before their mother dies, she manages to pronounce the last couple of words to enable the Charmed Ones to be bound. At this point, I felt sorry for Charity in “Memento Mori”, as the series reminds us regularly that bringing a witch back from the dead is extremely dangerous. If anything, she was doing her job.

Downstairs, Charity tries to convince Harry that she is not the person she is being perceived as, but the man looks unconvinced. At this point, Fiona (Leah Pipes) turns up, revealing that she is not dead, to her sister’s surprise. Harry leaves the room, and Fiona mocks Charity, claiming that after all this time she has not become unique, and she can enjoy watching her dominance while she lives her day out in Tartarus.

A shaken Charity is thrown to Tartarus, but there she is surprisingly welcomed by Alistair, who shakes her hand, almost like in an attempt to recruit. It seems now the Charmed Ones have a powerful ex-Elder to deal with.

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