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Episode 19, “The Checklist” offered little for what is essentially the penultimate chapter for the first season of The Rookie. 

This recap of The Rookie Season 1, Episode 19, “The Checklist”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

We are nearly at the end of The Rookie Season 1, and to summarise the new series so far, it’s just a collection of episodes with different cop scenarios for the viewers, offering little narrative building. Episode 19, “The Checklist” was the same, the penultimate chapter to this season.

There’s a cameo appearance from Will.i.am though, which I felt was pointless. A stalker was looking for Selena Gomez and ended up dropping on the wrong house. Talia Bishop was star-struck.

But “The Checklist” was about Sergeant Gray’s (Richard T. Jones) order for the rookies to track down a specific set of crimes in 48 hours to qualify for their final exam. Lucy and Jackson have a range of offences to complete, but the perfect student, John (Nathan Fillion), has managed to be the primary for a variety of crimes since he joined the force, meaning he doesn’t have to stress as much for radio calls.

Also, due to the shenanigans from the last episode, Talia is under investigation, and John is trying to find a way to help her because he cannot help himself.

The Rookie Episode 19 Recap The Checklist

Episode 19, “The Checklist”, is your usual run-of-the-mill chapter of The Rookie with Lucy comically trying to find a range of crimes with an overconfident Tim, and Jackson trying to emulate his father due to Daddy-issues. In the end, Lucy is under pressure to complete her crime-list in one shift, but Tim motivates her to do so.

John’s friend Ben is attacked in “The Checklist”, prompting the rookie to go on a revenge mission to find the person who attacked him. John delivers quick self-made therapy sessions to his friends, warning him about post-traumatic stress disorder. John finally tracks down the man who hurt his friend in an undercover car-hijacking mission, but unfortunately, he has to use the criminal to catch the others, forming a deal.

” The Checklist” ends with John barging in on Talia’s investigation, delivering a monologue of how great she is, but he risked his position with the final exams a week away. His speech worked though, with the department offering Talia a side-role, where she will deal with internal affairs.

Next week is the finale of The Rookie – will you miss it?

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