‘Black Summer’ Episode 2 – “Drive” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 11, 2019 (Last updated: April 12, 2019)
Black Summer Episode 2 Recap - Drive


Episode 2, “Drive”, did little to progress the story, which can only irritate the viewer.

This recap of Black Summer Episode 2, “Drive” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Nothing much happens in Black Summer Episode 2, “Drive”, apart from subtle world-building. It’s almost like the creators think the zombie apocalypse storyline is unique and worth hammering home to viewers in unoriginal ways. I’m not saying “Drive” is a waste of an episode; it’s okay, but apart from the characters continuing to land themselves in worse positions, there’s nothing that sparks any imagination about what might happen.

Barbara has landed two new acquaintances after the checkpoint breakout in the previous chapter. William is driving the car, while Sun is in the passenger seat. William reassures both women that he isn’t going to rape either of them, which was a strange statement to come out with, but I assume in the current human landscape, the less desirable people are taking advantage of the apocalypse. To be fair to William, his character does provide confidence that he’s trustworthy, as he drives them around the town, with the sole aim of getting to the stadium.

The problem that keeps reoccurring in “Drive” is that the trio keeps on getting chased by another vehicle by an unknown group. For most of Episode 2, they talk, get to know each other, and then race off in fear that these people in the other vehicle are going to hurt them due to their intimidation tactics. At one point, a young couple begs them to let them in their car, but William shows no mercy and revs off, protecting his pack.

The other group; Spears, Rose (Jaime King), Lance and Ryan are wandering around their town, and come across a young girl and later in “Drive”, she is in the same vehicle but with different people, making them wonder what the situation is.

As William, Sun, and Barbara start to relax, after believing they have managed to lose the other vehicle, it turns up again, and William decides to try and fight back, which leads to a crash and Barbara is ejected and smashes through the windscreen. William and Sun run away from the crashed car due to zombies appearing.

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