‘Dead to Me’ Episode 2 – “Maybe I’m Crazy” | Netflix TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 3, 2019
Dead to Me Episode 2 Maybe I'm Crazy Recap - Netflix Series


Jen questions the sanity of Judy in Episode 2, “Maybe I’m Crazy”, as Dead to Me continues to blossom their friendship, but still examines the past.

This recap of Dead to Me Episode 2, “Maybe I’m Crazy” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 2, “Maybe I’m Crazy”, opens up with Judy (Linda Cardellini) joining Jen’s (Christina Applegate) family for dinner. Of course, the kids are questioning the new kid in the house, with the older one, Charlie, blatantly against it. The second Episode of Dead to Me examines who Judy is, mostly from Jen’s perspective.

The second test of their friendship occurs early on as Jen tells Judy that she’s working with Steve to sell his house. Unsurprisingly, Judy is slightly unnerved by it, but comforted by the fact that she trusts Jen. Judy, however, does not look comfortable in the guest house, and as she tries to settle in it, she has a flashback which appears to show her running over Ted, Jen’s husband.

Jen meets Steve in Episode 2, and Dead to Me gives an audience a different angle of Judy from a different character; Steve questions Jen’s friendship with Judy, stating that she is “nuts” and chaos follows her everywhere.

Steve’s opinion is given credibility when Jen returns home to see Judy sleeping outside; she does confront her about it, and her reason for not wanting to sleep in the guest house is the amount of materials in that place that belong to Ted. Steve’s opinion is given even more credibility when the police turn up at Jen’s home putting a restraining order on Judy.

It seems that Jen is willing to give people a chance in “Maybe I’m Crazy” allowing Judy to explain herself throughout the episode. Jen agrees to clear the guest house in Episode 2, and both characters hug it out. As they remove items from the room, Jen reveals to Judy that when she was at Judy’s house, Steve struggled to look at their nursery room. Jen also defends Judy, stating that men get too used to calling women crazy.

As Episode 2 ends, Judy has a flashback; both Judy and Steve were in the car when Ted was run over. Did Steve force her to keep quiet? No wonder why Steve was concerned that the two are now friends. To leave the episode in comedic terms, Jen smashes the car she saw speeding earlier; she’s still trying to investigate her husband’s death, it seems.

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