Easy Season 3 Review: Netflix Comedy Anthology Series Bows Out With Pride

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 6, 2019 (Last updated: May 10, 2019)
Easy Season 3 Review - Netflix Anthology Series


The only shame about Netflix’s Easy season 3, is that there will not be a fourth. The final season is a gem, allowing the series to bow out with pride.

I am somewhat downtrodden that this is the third and final season of Easy. With most of the accolades going towards the other famous Netflix anthology series Black Mirror, I’d proudly argue that Joe Swanberg’s creation is equally as satisfying to watch. It’s understanding why a series like this may run out of steam; after all, it’s mostly about varying attitudes towards cultures and approaches to relationships, but surely there are always stories to tell. Unfortunately, Easy season 3 only preempts the notion that maybe it should not bow out yet and Netflix should reconsider. It’s a well-crafted, absorbing 9-episode season giving us different stories, some that are familiar.

Like its predecessors, Easy season 3 is consistently and admirably well-written, selectively cast with the end in mind, and provides stories that encourage thinking during and well after a chapter has ended. Despite the genre residing in comedy, and anthologies having a knack for being easily consumable, the latest season manages to give enough in each episode, but also leave a crumb for the audiences’ imagination.

Easy Season 3 Review - Netflix Anthology Series

Characters that you will be aware of return for Season 3, given their slot for the story to continue; Andi and Kyle’s open marriage is under an intense microscope in the opening episode, and the series gives a second helping of their issues later on. We also have the pleasure of meeting the observedly cute Annie, as she tries to crack her love life once and for all by going on a dating spree. The familiarity in some episodes gives Easy Season 3 an appreciated advantage, giving that window to their character development.

While Easy Season 3 offers nothing groundbreaking in terms of what we already know about life, it manages to make known themes exciting and easy to quench. Again, there’s a real argument that a renewed season 4 is justified, rather than letting these stories die. With each episode been around the 30-minute mark (barring one), it’s quickly tempting to binge the entire lot in a single day. If you are unaware of Easy, then not watching the previous season hardly matters, it’s anthological after all.

I had the pleasure of having available all the episodes from the Netflix team before the release date, so if you do embark on a journey of watching every single episode of Easy season 3, then you can read my review of the first chapter by clicking these words. Enjoy.

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