The Society Recap: Embracing Adulthood

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 10, 2019
The Society Episode 3 Childhood's End Recap - Netflix Series


The Society Episode 3, “Childhood’s End”, pumps the Netflix series into action, as the community implements some routine.

This recap of The Society Episode 3, “Childhood’s End”, contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Society Episode 3, “Childhood’s End”, was a signal for the characters to accept their unfortunate new reality, and take that huge leap to adulthood. These characters aren’t children anymore; they need to grow up.

Following on from the last episode, the men have ransacked the town, so Cassandra (Rachel Keller) groups the women together to have an emergency meeting, stating the urgency for them to lead, and to put together some structure. At the same time, Kelly (Kristine Froseth) suggests that they still do a prom to bring some normalcy to the community. Ironically, as the women strategize, the hungover men consider not acting like ultimate tools and consider not stealing everything.

After Cassandra delivers a barely motivational speech, the entire town agrees that they will work together; share houses, eat food in the cafeteria and all deliver weekly tasks on a predefined rota developed by Gordie (José Julián). Cassandra asks Harry (Alex Fitzalan) to join the central committee, but the wealthy wet wipe is a man-child and refuses to out of pure pettiness.

Allie (Kathryn Newton) is upset that she’s not in the committee, but Cassandra explains it was for political reasons; including your own family in a central governance process will be frowned upon, but her sister still does not buy it. All this does is push Harry and Allie closer together.

Meanwhile, “Childhood’s End” sees Kelly and Will (Jacques Colimon) getting more intimate as they cook in the cafeteria kitchen. She slyly suggests that he should invite her to the prom, and considering Will is uncontrollably in love with her, he cannot hide his smile.

The Society Episode 3 Childhood's End Recap - Netflix Series

As we reach the halfway point of Episode 3, Harry is getting tired of the new rules already, sulking like he has just lost his trust fund from his overbearing father. His problems deepen when Kelly finds out that Harry’s mother was sleeping with her father, and considering he loves Kelly, his connection with her is wavering. “Childhood’s End” see’s Harry getting noticeably frustrated, airing to the men that he believes Cassandra is the problem to all their issues and describes how much he would like to have sex with her, and the group join in with sexual descriptions of what they’d do to her, which sounded eerily like rape fantasies – typical frat boys, eh?

The majority of Episode 3 is the anticipated prom. With Kelly devastated about her father’s past, she is not in the mood for the prom, telling Will that they are there as just friends. You can tell in that split moment he is tired of getting played. They still dance though, with a depressed Harry looking on at the dance floor. Eventually, Will changes tact and asks Allie for a dance. Also, Gordie finally gets the woman of his dreams, as Cassandra goes in for the kiss, sealing a newly formed relationship.

Drunk Kelly makes a prom speech, but it’s gloomy and morbid, prompting one of the group to take the microphone off her. She admits to Will outside that the prom had been ruined because of her father’s secret.

“Childhood’s End” ends in tragic circumstances, which finally pumps The Society into action and giving us a twist to care about; as Gordie is at home preparing for Cassandra’s return, she is shot dead by two gunshots while taking the trash out. The person who shot her is purposefully not seen by the camera. It’s easy to presume it was Harry, but he was extremely drugged at the party. Was it him?

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