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Easy Season 3, Episode 8, “Low Rolling Boil” concludes the story of Jeff as he struggles with family life and the sustainability of his business.

This review of Easy Season 3, Episode 8, “Low Rolling Boil” contains spoilers. The third season of Easy is going to be the final to land on Netflix. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

You may remember Jeff from previous seasons. Easy season 3, episode 8, “Low Rolling Boil”, sees the character at rock bottom. His skills at brewing are revolutionary, but he is hamming a business model that is not sustainable, or legal to continue. In the opening scenes, he is hosting a small brewery get-together in his garage, and the police soon discover there are under-age teenagers there, sipping one of his excellent beers, and he is promptly arrested.

Despite promising to support his partner’s business, which is feasible, legal, yet stressful, he seems unaware of the pain he is causing on his family. Despite Jeff’s partner demanding that he shut down his garage events, he implements a new party a night later, getting into an argument with a neighbor, and once again gets arrested by the police.

It’s obvious that Jeff is experiencing deep pain in “Low Rolling Boil” due to a recent family tragedy, which is clearly having an effect on his judgment. Also his rivalry and skewed past with his brother over the brewery industry does not help the cause, especially when his sibling offers him a role in his business to introduce his diverse range of beers.

Episode 8 teaches us that tragedy can affect all of us, but also have an undesirable effect on family and friends. In the end, he agrees to support his partner and half-heartedly agrees to join his brother’s business. “Low Rolling Boil” ends with the entire family getting together with the children, in a moment of peace and solitude for the entire group.

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