Oh, Ramona! Review: From Nerd To 50 Shades

June 1, 2019
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Oh, Ramona! Netflix film


Netflix film Oh, Ramona! showcases the progression of a young nerd in love moving into an adult with a quirky, comedic story that can get a little absurd,

Netflix film Oh, Ramona! pitches a nerd so incredulously naive when it comes to interacting with women that it becomes the theme of the entire story. Using quirky on-screen effects, and Andrei (Bogdan Iancu) narrating his own story, it’s easy to presume that the story will become irritating quick, but in actual fact, Oh, Ramona! is okay; slightly on the wild side, but does well to maintain stamina until the very end.

Andrei is a problematic character to gauge. His smart narration but dumb choices are funny, but at times you wonder what the story is actually about. He’s in love with Ramona (Aggy K. Adams); a young teenage girl that he’s always loved throughout school, and she uses that to her advantage, teasing him at will, but after offering him sex, he turns her down, wanting something more. Andrei is often the butt of his own strange choices, but he quickly and unashamedly moves on and meets another beauty in Anemona (Holly Horne).

Netflix film Oh, Ramona! is absurd because it’s difficult to fathom if this could ever happen in life, where someone like Andrei with little confidence or social skills can strive in his skewed environment. The narrative progression in the movie is Andrei’s evolution with the two women in his life that he’s fallen in love with. He goes from a drivelling young man that is a victim within his social group, to someone who gives his title “Andrei Grey”.

Andrei’s narration often falls flat, which is a shame because the dialogue on scene serves more impact, making me question if the narration was required in the first place. Oh, Ramona! likes to represent sex scenes with a series of moving images, like a honey pot with two fingers dipping in and out to showcase Andrei’s experiences. The whole point of these metaphorical slideshows is to match the narrator’s repeated statement that “the kids can’t see this” but again, the joke does not work when the entire film is filled with swear words and sexual references.

Putting aside the snags, Netflix film Oh, Ramona! manages to be fun and enjoyable, and witnessing Andrei’s growth is amusing.

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