Charité at War Review: Netflix Series Presents Compelling Hospital Drama In Nazi Germany War and Needles



Easily engaging and with a sense of an understanding of life during Nazi Germany, Netflix series Charité at War season 1 is a hit.

The Netflix content machine churns out another German series, basing itself in a hospital during 1943, tackling the politics of war and the revelations of medical advancements; Netflix series Charité at War season 1 relishes in the period successfully, owning the story and the essence of the time they are living in. Usually, I am not accustomed to slow-moving war dramas that fit outside the battle, but something is gripping with the characters.

It’s also uniquely entertaining to witness a series that focuses on professions that sit outside of war generals and politicians during Nazi Germany. Charité at War season 1 applies normalcy to their political landscape because it was reasonable to them. Knowing the outcome to World War Two engages the story further; this is deemed as a prosperous Germany during these war times, and medical achievements were heralded with patriotic pride.

The first episode of Charité at War season 1 focuses on Anni; she’s pregnant but is also attempting to finish her medical dissertation at Charité hospital, a place headed by Dr. Saurbruch, a man leading in the medical field for technological advancements. The series sells the characters’ admiration for this man – he feels like a German Dr. House where he can spit expletives to his colleagues which are met with fear rather than anger. Netflix series Charité at War portrays a medical team calm during a seemingly successful war but is blighted by medical and political problems.

Where Charité at War season 1 propels itself to the acceptable batch of Netflix series’ is its impressive, engaging stories that create a theme per episode. Learning the rising concerns of soldiers hurting themselves in battle to exempt them from the war presents the pride of the country, providing them with the court-martial sentence for their betrayal. Later episodes deal with the impending result of World War Two, and how the medical team deals with the lack of suppliers. The stories are coupled with superb performances; there’s a sense the cast enjoyed throwing themselves into their roles.

Netflix series Charité at War season 1 is a surprising must-watch for a lazy weekend.

Daniel Hart

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