Forest of Piano Season 2 Review: Netflix Anime Continues To Appreciate Music

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 24, 2019
Netflix Anime Series Forest of Piano season 2


Forest of Piano season 2 continues to show the love behind the piano, but its longevity has to be questioned in an otherwise great sequel to its predecessor.

Netflix Anime Series Forest of Piano season 2 continues in the same vein as its predecessor. The creators of the anime understand the piano; what it means to be a pianist, and the historical impact it has on musicians and observers today. It’s a strange series in a sense that it divulges in focused emotion, with the characters drinking in each key pressed, relaying their thought process as they listen to an arrangement from the stage. Forest of Piano remains endearing, but unlike season 1, where it heavily relied on Kai Ichinose, season 2 feels more balanced in terms of character involvement.

You still have Shuhei Amamiya, the rival of Kai, eager to overcome his childhood opponent, that still chooses regular practice over finding his sound. His obsession with arrangements and competitive tension plays opposite to Kai’s approach, who embraces the emotion behind the piano, and what it means symbolically to convey a listed sheet. Forest of Piano season 2 remains competitive, but the piano itself is the cornerstone to the anime series’ success.

My only concern is that Forest of Piano has found an unusual space in the Netflix anime section that I question if it has the longevity to continue producing the stories of these pianists. A story about the wonderfulness of the piano and what it means to people feels over-egged in season 2, mostly because it felt identical in many ways to the previous season; the same issues arise in terms of the age-old question – should the pianists choose methodical approaches over the pure art form; should the judges iron out their scores based on methodology alone or creativity?

The questions are often met with emotional choices, but I felt after a few episodes the concept wearing a little thin, which is a sad shame because the Netflix anime series has been developed with such thought and care. Netflix Anime Series Forest of Piano season 2 deserves a watch, even out of respect for the predecessor, but whether there is an appetite for a third season – time will tell.

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