Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room Review: A Polite But Savage View On Society Single Life Rules



Netflix Special Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room hits several nails on the head as the comedian serves some home truths to her well-amused audience.

Netflix Special Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room is out on Netflix on July 1, 2019

I’ve never been introduced to Katherine Ryan until this Netflix special. What I find most engaging about the stand-up comedian is her polite yet savage way of detailing her perspectives. Her opening gambit to discuss the flaws of male masculinity, in a sarcastic positive tone, sets the bar for the rest of the hour special. She’s sly yet witty, daring but low-key about her jokes. I’ve always preferred comedians who can play out stories, and amuse you by body language before the joke has even landed, and Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room demonstrates that ability immensely.

Once Katherine Ryan moves on from role-playing the skewed male perspective, she spends a large portion of her content reveling in the life of singlehood. The comedian relishes being single it seems, and in a society where it’s frowned upon to imagine a life on your own, I found Katherine’s energy into discussing this topic refreshing. It’s flagrantly evident that she’s evolved above the usual societal pressures that are ludicrously traditional and outdated, and she lashes out in this stand-up, ensuring that it’s understood that she wants to be her own person; not a woman who needs a man.

Glitter Room delves into the hypocrisy of single motherhood; the comedian analyses the differences in how a single mother and a single father is viewed. Her roleplaying of a man parading around a community revealing that he is a single father with onlookers seemingly impressed by such a thing is indicative of what we see on social media. This is a gag that deserves serious context replays because it’s true.

Netflix special Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room peaks when the mention of her daughter is brought into play; her impression of her fancy child is hilarious; highlighting a dysfunctional but innocent mother-daughter works in favor of her jokes. Despite the 1-hour and 4 minutes run time, time will pass quickly in this politely raucous stand-up delivered by a comedian I’ll definitely keep an eye on moving forward.

Daniel Hart

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