Last Chance U Recap: Another “Mistake” By Bobby Bruce Throwing Away The Best Opportunity



Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 2, “The Eye in the Skye” is a regretful chapter in the Netflix series, surrounding Bobby Bruce once again.

This recap of Last Chance U Season 4, Episode 2, “The Eye in the Skye” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

After watching episode 2, “The Eye in the Skye”, I think it is pointless recapping it moment by moment and instead, let’s cut to the chase and discuss Bobby Bruce. A young man I have been rooting for since season 3.

Once again, Bobby Bruce has let himself down. During episode 2, he discusses how he is on the frays of the team. Coach Jason Brown suggests that Bobby Bruce is incapable of remaining optimistic. He does not hone the skill of adjusting his attitude. His pregnant girlfriend also indicates that when Bobby shuts down, it’s challenging to get through to him.

It’s a shame for Last Chance U season 4 because Bobby found himself a genuine friend for life in the Defence Line player Kailon Davis. A young man that saw Bobby as his brother. Episode 2, “The Eye in the Skye” shows how both men had each other’s backs.

Unfortunately, after Bobby Bruce ruined his potential future last season, it was perhaps a mistake of Coach Brown to give this kid another chance. I have to admit, when I saw the video footage of him seemingly robbing cash from another dorm room, I sighed heavily and thought “what’s the point”.

What episode 2, “The Eye in the Skye” forgets to tell you amongst all the exposition about these kids having had hard lives is that many young teenagers would kill to have this exposure. Let’s break it down; a second chance at College Football with a famous renowned coach, supportive teachers and Netflix recording the entire experience as part of a popular series seen by millions. I understand entirely that Bobby had his demons following him, but his parting statement in the series that “I need to do everything for my baby” does not add up. If he wanted to do everything for his child, he would have made himself a success at Independence, rather than getting caught up with low-level **** that means nothing to anybody. It’s just petty crimes when outside your dorm room you have state of the art facilities and coaches supporting your game.

I found it difficult to watch when his favorite teacher embraces him near the end of episode 2. It leaves a regretful mark on Last Chance U season 4. And I believe Coach Brown was right; Bobby Bruce decided to commit a crime to escape. He never intended to stay in the program.

What a shame. Who knows, maybe he will return later, but a third chance? Seems to go against the concept of the Netflix series.

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