Designated Survivor: 60 Days Recap: Everything Seemed To Be Going So Well

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 23, 2019 (Last updated: November 8, 2023)
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Netflix series Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 16 - The Last Case


In a chapter that complicates matters further, Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 8, “Doubt” sees Park’s world slowly collapsing around him.

This recap of Designated Survivor: 60 Days Season 1, Episode 8, “Doubt” contains significant spoilers. The Korean Netflix Series will be running weekly every Monday and Tuesday until season 1 ends. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

It was all looking too good for Acting President Park Mu-Jin (Jin-hee Ji) but episode 8, “Doubt” proves that he is on a long road of political wars. With the ceremony underway to confirm the ministers, the suspicion of Oh Yeong-seok is bubbling underneath. With Park’s approval ratings rising, his administration is excitedly rubbing their hands in glee.

But, it all falls down when NIS Agent Han-mo is persuaded to take evidence to Park regarding Oh Yeong-seok. In a moment of shock, Agent Han-mo confesses to killing North Korean Myung Hae Joon. I suspect he fears the outside forces that are propping Oh Yeong-seok for the presidency and he opted for safety, but this was a blow, especially for Na-gyeong. “Doubt” makes Designated Survivor: 60 Days makes the story interestingly complicated.

With her boss in custody, Na-gyeong is now suspended and suspected of being an accomplice, and flees the NIS building with her colleague. Her new mission is to take the evidence against Oh Yeong-seok to opposing party leader Yun Chang-gyeong. Ms Yun holds proceedings while waiting for the NIS leader, but Na-gyeong is conveniently hurt in a car crash, and the police attempt to murder her. The corruption is growing in “Doubt”.

With Na-gyeong hiding with her colleague, with no-one to trust, Yun Chang-gyeong has no option but to allow Oh Yeong-seok’s appointment go ahead. Episode 8 sees Ms Yun try to reach out to Park about Na-gyeong’s phone call, and her suspicion is that he’s not fit to be defence minister.

This sparks a memory for Park, remembering the time Han-mo first came to his office confident of discussing a lead, but as soon as he saw Oh Yeong-seok, he insisted that he had no new information. The Acting President understands something is not quite right with the political environment.

“Doubt” sees Acting President Park go against all the advice of his administration; after having an informal conversation with Oh Yeong-seok which seems relatively innocent, he decides to delay his investiture to become the Defence Minister. His Presidential Secretary is appalled by the decision, and he acts in an emotional way.

The most revealing moment of episode 8 is when we learn who tried to murder Na-gyeong. It’s the same person who killed Myung Hae Joon, and he works for the NIS Director. Oh Yeong-seo joins the scene, and the group talk a lot about alternative politics — a new age.

With Park’s position getting worse, more documents from his administration are leaked to the media regarding scandals from within his cabinet. Designated Survivor: 60 Days season 1, episode 8, “Doubt” ends with threats of a scandal relating to Park to be released to the public the next day. What do they have on President Park?

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