Carnival Row Recap: Philo’s Troubling Childhood He Should Be Able To Fly



Carnival Row Season 1, Episode 5, “Grieve No More” lulls the audience into boredom, matching the dull title of the chapter.

This recap of Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row Season 1, Episode 5, “Grieve No More”, contain significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Grieve No More” is as depressing as the title, but it is boring as well.

Episode 5 is mostly about Philo’s (Orlando Bloom) troubled childhood. A boy destined to be a fae unknown to him, squeezed into the system as a human. In the present day, Philo consults a Haruspex (Alice Krige) in an effort to find clues about the killer. He has been led to believe that the beast is being controlled. He spends most of the chapter moping around the dorms, remembering the time he fell off a bed and cracked his head. It’s directed in a way where the emotions are barely found in the character.

As for Jonah, who returns to his family after his brief kidnapping ordeal, his parents are casting an eye over him. He attends parliament to watch his father in action and to learn about politics, but Sophie Longerbane takes the stage, taking her dead father’s place. She gives a speech about the fae, and how they are completely different from humans. Her speech is applauded — Absalom Breakspear has a fight on his hands.

“Grieve No More” sees Imogen bring Agreus into her privileged circle in order to secure investment from her brother. The company are irked by his presence, and it nearly forces Imogen to backtrack on the idea, that’s until her brother Ezra joins the fold and introduces himself. The group is not welcoming to the Puck community.

Carnival Row Season 1, Episode 5, “Grieve No More” also shows Vignette keeping her distance from the Black Raven, and residing with fae at the brothel. She looks happier. Philo also visits the brothel to further his investigation and finds more pieces to the jigsaw.

This was really a nothing episode.

The Burgue Whispers

  • A bad dream shows Philo’s wings getting chopped off by Doctor Morange.
  • Ezra Spurnrose suspects Agreus’ money is “blood money”.

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