The Chef Show Season 2 Review: More Cooking, More Fun, More Talking

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 13, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series The Chef Show Season 2


Improving the format slightly, The Chef Show Season 2 gives more cooking objectives to Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi in six more chapters.

Maybe I’m in a better mood for Netflix Series The Chef Show Season 2, because, for the first season, I was clearly watching it early morning, feeling miserable with a cold coffee, finding myself getting hungrier. That’s the problem with reviewing cooking shows; it encourages you to storm to the supermarket and put together the most expensive recipes that take 3 hours to make for 20 minutes of indulgence. In my last review, I stated that it “serves little education about food”.

Which, by the way, is accurate, and The Chef Show Season 2 runs in the same vein. The whole concept is about people meeting a famous chef and creating genuinely tasty food. There’s a lot of talking, but as the opening episode — which features the forever-high Seth Rogen — suggests, watching people talk and cook at the same time is actually entertaining. If anyone was perfect for this series, it was Seth Rogen, who must have had the craziest munchies during his segment.

Plus, if you like watching good food being made, then this Netflix series will get the taste buds going. As someone who has recently taken on a plant-based diet, watching Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi make fried chicken tested my limits. A part of me wanted to enter the TV, push Seth off the chopping boards and make that delicious chicken myself.

But going back to my previous grumblings, and almost contradicting myself, The Chef Show Season 2 is hardly a groundbreaking show about food. And it doesn’t need to be, however, I do wonder if we need another cooking show that offers a fast-track version of how to make exceptional menu items — yet if you want to see Jon Favreau attempting to make Neapolitan pizza and prepare oysters in Tomales Bay, California, then you have a binge-able cooking show on your hands.

I’m hungry again.

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