Pearson Recap: We Are In Way More Trouble Than We Thought

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 19, 2019
Pearson Season 1, Episode 10 - The Fixer - The Finale


Pearson Season 1, Episode 10, “The Fixer”, the finale, ends the spin-off series strongly, giving the story plenty to think about for next season.

This recap of Pearson Season 1, Episode 10, “The Fixer” – The Finale, contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The finale of Pearson finishes the new spin-off season. I’ll admit, I was sceptical at first, but as the story grew, I put my big boy pants on and realised I wanted the Suits universe all along. Allow me to apologise — thank you.

Episode 10, “The Fixer”, begins with Keri (Bethany Joy Lenz) ringing Jessica (Gina Torres) for help as Nick is sitting in her apartment like a lost dog wanting to confess to the murder of Tommy. Jessica helps Nick, understanding he is in a dark place and ensures he does not hurt himself. She asks Nick to write a statement of what happened, and he claims it was self-defense. Jessica raises eyebrows at “self-defense”, and I did too — he ain’t getting away with that one.

While Jessica is hiding murderers in her apartment, she is split between her personal and professional life as Angela continues her protest. It’s all good Jessica being all “split”, but she asked to be part of the City Hall, in the same City that her family is living off scraps.

Episode 10, “The Fixer”, sees Derrick getting all thirsty about the soft kiss by Yoli in the previous chapter. He’s adamant it meant more, and as an audience member I agree, but Jesus, his energy is a little much, so much so she lands the blow, “the truth is, it was just a peck”. That’s right, Derrick, turn around and let things naturally develop and improve your game.

As for Bobby, he continues to try cling on to his authority — he delivers a speech on the Icarus project and leaves Pat McGann out in the open by claiming he has pledged temporary housing. Pat is furious — he’s always furious; he literally looks like an angry man 24/7. Bobby gets all confident and brings Angela in to try and make peace, but she quickly departs. Jessica then offers Angela the Alderman seat so she can, “make a real difference” — real political talk. Jessica claims it isn’t a bribe as she’s family. That is the most bribey thing I’ve ever heard.

At this point, Keri fully understands she needs to get her s–t together and get the hell out of Chicago. She accepts a new job offer and plans to start her new job on Monday. I don’t know what day it is in Episode 10, but I am 100% confident that after working for City Hall for ten years that she’s breached the notice period in her contract.

And then it all gets darker for everyone – Jessica returns home to her partner Jeff, but he silences her and writes down, “it’s not safe to talk”. It turns out that the FBI is monitoring them. Now, I’d like to add this is not a twist, and I completely forgot about the FBI from Episode 1. Jessica and Jeff have a heart to heart in the car, and both pledge not to hurt each other in this investigation. Sweet.

With Derrick annoyed that his game with Yoli is amateur, he has a blow-out argument with Bobby about the temporary housing promise. Bobby tells him to take a side; a moral standpoint or loyalty? He’ll probably speak to Yoli again about that one peck on the cheek.

Bobby’s emotional rollercoaster continues in Episode 10; Stephanie serves him divorce papers. He acted sad about it, but I’m sensing deep inside he’s probably happy — he can now be with Keri. Stephanie then makes him really sad by saying she does not want a divorce, and if he is willing to be that man that can make a change, she will stay and if not, then he should sign the papers — that was a straight-up power-play right there. Maybe he should stay with Stephanie after all.

Probably highly confused about who he should pick, Stephanie or Keri, Bobby makes a speech to tent city and becomes an entirely new man. He tells the people his vision of affordable housing and states if he cannot deliver that promise, they can vote him out. This half-motivating speech worked, and Angela asks everyone to pack up their tent and go on to the buses. I’m assuming the buses goes to the temporary 3-month houses.

Pearson Season 1, Episode 10, “The Fixer” ends with Jessica meeting Bobby while the FBI go to Keri’s apartment. She tells him about the FBI and Nick. She stamps her authority, stating that Bobby either let her fix this mess, as she’s done being the errand girl. That’s probably a good idea, Jessica, considering it is your show. See you for Season 2.

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