The Hockey Girls Recap: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Colder Switching Sides



“Flor” exposes the flaws (sorry) in long-distance relationships, and a tragedy occurs.

This recap of The Hockey Girls Season 1, Episode 6, “Flor”, contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words and our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these ones.

The Hockey Girls Episode 6 is about Flor (Asia Ortega), which is handy since she hasn’t really had much of a character until now, and the episode’s opening finds her watching old videos of her and her girlfriend back in Buenos Aires and getting all upset. She intends to go there for three days for her birthday, which will, she hopes, solve the long-distance issues; it’ll also mean she has to miss an important game against Germán’s (Marc Clotet) new team, so Lore (Mireia Oriol) offers to get her to the airport in record time if she plays.

Winning that game is another matter entirely, though. Terrats (Nora Navas) is cracking the whip right over Anna’s (Iria del Río) head, and Emma (Dèlia Brufau) isn’t allowed to play as punishment for her constantly acting out. When the rest of the team don’t defend her, she sulks as usual.

Leila (Yasmina Drissi) and Nil continue to get closer in The Hockey Girls Episode 6; he’s helping her with her homework and she’s sketching his portrait. In other group dynamic news, Òscar (Nil Cardoner) tries to make amends with Raquel (Júlia Gibert) and gets absolutely nowhere, while Gina (Claudia Riera) gets in a huff with Lore because she has made secret plans without her — are we seeing the beginnings of a lesbian love triangle here?

At the game against Germán’s team, the girls get clobbered, and Anna once again basically leaves them to it, which Terrats is fuming about. Afterward, Anna shares a very passive-aggressive moment with Montse (Aida Oset), and Lore rushes to get Flor to her destination. However, when Flor calls her ladyfriend to let her know she’s inbound, she’s told that this isn’t the way to give someone space. Her girlfriend is used to her not being around now, and wants to break up.

More bad news: Santi (Juli Fàbregas) hosts a wine tasting session for himself, Terrats and Youssef (Hamid Krim), but in the middle of it Terrats starts hemorrhaging and needs to be rushed to the hospital — she’s had a miscarriage. In the aftermath, she wants to restart in vitro treatment, but it costs money she doesn’t have. Santi agrees to lend it to her out of his savings, which I’m sure is a decision he won’t be made to regret.

The girls, led by Lore, stage a surprise birthday celebration for Flor, who breaks down in tears. Emma announces that she’s switching to Germán’s team. And Anna, still popping pills, has a minor breakdown, calling up dorky Manel from the club reunion for a slow-dance and several drinks. Walking home barefoot, a screeching car ends The Hockey Girls Episode 6 on something of a cliffhanger.

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