Living Undocumented Recap: More Needs To Be Done Heading To Canada



Living Undocumented Season 1, Episode 6, “Home Sweet Home” gives the audience more lows on the immigration system, but some happier moments to take in.

This recap of Netflix Series Living Undocumented Season 1 Episode 6, “Home Sweet Home” discusses information relevant to the Episode. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

This is the end of an upsetting, insightful Netflix series. What irks me more is that unless there is substantial legislative change, families every day will suffer for merely trying to provide a safe environment.

“Home Sweet Home” introduces us to Awa, whose father has been detained after his asylum is revoked. Her father is from Mauritania, a country in Africa that is controlled by the oppressive rule. The opening of Episode 5 shows us footage of civilians running away from gunshots, and people falling as they run; blood, cries, and screams are met with more explosions.

Black African people flee from their country every day to seek asylum to protect themselves. Mauritania did not have a deportation agreement with the USA, but as soon as Trump came into office, he was quick to make a change to that. Awa’s father continues to fight, but it is clear time is running out to delay the clock.

There are some happier moments in Episode 6 — “Miguel” and “Maria” await on their niece’s asylum filing. Eventually, the file is processed, and they pick her up at the airport. The relief and love are felt in this scene, as they take her away from the airport to have a little more normalcy in their lives.

As for Eddie and Tyler, Episode 6 is a goodbye party for them, as they are forced to leave the USA and seek residence in Canada. The couple has a great sense of pride over what they have achieved in America, and the emotional toll of having to leave family and friends behind is apparent. But what was telling is that when they reached the Canadian border, the officials were so friendly and accepting. It’s like an entirely new world portrayed in this documentary.

But regardless of the happy stories, Living Undocumented Season 1, Episode 6, “Home Sweet Home” shows we are far away from a progressive world, and with the rise of the alt-right under the Trump leadership, and Brexit on the precipice of car-crashing the UK,  these types of issues may take more generations than we hoped for.

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