Rotten Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: ‘High on Edibles’

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 4, 2019 (Last updated: November 21, 2023)
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Netflix Series Rotten Season 2 Episode 6 - High on Edibles


Rotten Season 2 Episode 6, “High on Edibles” does little to expand what we already know about marijuana and the growing edible industry.

This recap of Netflix Series Rotten Season 2 Episode 6, “High on Edibles” contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 6, “High on Edibles” mostly talks about the consumer. With the world slowly shifting on marijuana laws, plenty argue for medical cannabis and removing the criminal laws against casual use. I genuinely believe the US and UK government’s response to the rise of marijuana is one of the worst PR stunts of all time, and the marketing of it today is extremely behind due to the misconceptions of the drug. The notion that it is dangerous when youths pile on the streets daily with alcohol in their system is a confusing state of affairs.

What irked me the most in “High on Edibles” is the risk to children on how this is “unacceptable”. Of course, it’s not wise to allow children to have access to edibles. Just like children should not have access to guns, cleaning products, cigarettes, and high-in-saturated-fat foods. I found this to be a lazy argument when it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their kids do not bite into edible gummy bears.

Episode 6 also delves into how the market restricts some businesses due to uncertainty in the law. Medical cannabis is on the rise, helping people with seizures and pain, but there is not enough research to sway the momentum to a global majority. In the UK recently, parents had to battle to source medical cannabis to combat multiple dangerous seizures a day, and the government restricted access to their supplies at the airport. These conversations are important.

I guess there does need to be education when it comes to edibles; Episode 6 discusses the potency of edibles, and how consumers under-estimate the strength of the drug when it is consumed by eating it. I’ve had a fair few edibles in my life, but I’ve also seen friends eat two brownies out of pure impatience, to find themselves dribbling at the edges of a party a couple of hours later.

Rotten Season 2 Episode 6, “High on Edibles” is interesting but it did not tell the audience anything new. We understand the restrictions in productions, the lack of research and the positive and negative outlook in various communities, but I feel a more supportive chapter would have been way more encouraging.

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