Looking for Alaska Recap: Loyalty

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 18, 2019 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Hulu Series Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 2 - Tell Them I Said Something...


Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 2, “Tell Them I Said Something…” offers tough decisions for Miles and his newfound friends.

This recap of Hulu Series Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 2, “Tell Them I Said Something…” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

With tensions bubbling, Episode 2 opens up with the Weekday Warriors offering a truce. The Colonel (Denny Love) makes a game — the Weekday Warriors have to name a former president, and if Miles states their famous last words, there will be no truce. Of course, Miles blew it out of the water. There will be no truce.

“Tell Them I Said Something…” quickly defines itself as a prank war following on from the recent expulsion. The whole purpose is to discover who the rat is. The Colonel also has the Debutante Ball hanging over him – he is asked to attend by his girlfriend Sara, but he cannot be the escort, as her parents won’t allow it. Alaska raises a good point; what about The Colonel’s dignity? She advises him not to attend the ball if they don’t accept him for who he is. In a nutshell, they are racist.

The prank war holds many activities, but the one that hurt the most is when they ripped up The Colonel’s suit for Sara’s ball. Alaska, Takumi, and Miles form the ultimate prank. They sneak laxatives into the Weekday Warrior’s protein shakes. Alaska and co also intensify the prank and sneak into the ball, replacing the toilet paper with sticky tape. It’s one hell of a prank.

Due to the prank, Sara’s escort Longwell doesn’t turn up. The Colonel tries to escort her, but the father intervenes in a sad moment for the character.

In order to ensure Alaska, Miles, and Takumi get out of the ball without getting caught, he sets off the fire sprinklers. When he returns to the student halls, he declares how impressed he was with the prank despite not being informed.

Miles’ loyalty is tested near the end of Episode 2. The Eagle finds his keys and states that Miles is the only person so far linked to the pranks. The Eagle asks Miles to rat as part of the deal. Miles doesn’t say anything, so he has to sit in front of the jury.

While Miles sits in front of the jury, Alaska, The Colonel and Takumi agree to a truce with the Weekday Warriors. Miles gets given two weeks of cafeteria cleaning; his friends had made deals with the jury.

Looking for Alaska Season 1, Episode 2, “Tell Them I Said Something…” ends with Miles curiously looking at Alaska, and he asks, “why do you smoke goddam fast?” Her response is, “I don’t smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die faster” — some dark words to end a good episode.

Notable Points

  • Miles gets kicked out of history class. Alaska defends him, so she also gets kicked out.
  • Alaska is trying to set Miles up with Lara.
  • Alaska says “The Great Perhaps” is a pretentious way of trying to get laid.
  • Sara asks Colonel if he has been doing term papers for money.
  • The Colonel and Takumi hint to Alaska that Miles has feelings for her.
  • There’s a flashback of The Eagle catching Alaska burying alcohol.

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