Looking for Alaska Recap: Too Much Kissing and Self-Pity

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 18, 2019 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Hulu Series Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 6 - We Are All Going


Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 6, “We Are All Going” is quite a clumsily made chapter, but ends with the anticipation of a terrible tragedy.

This recap of Hulu Series Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 6, “We Are All Going” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

The opening of Episode 6 takes the audience to 1997 — Alaska is with her mother at the zoo, serving one of her finest memories. Her mother talks about gorillas and how they always protect their children. This becomes important later in “We Are All Going”.

In the present day, the prank seems to have delivered, and Miles’ (Charlie Plummer) face seems to be permanently attached to Lara’s. Young love, it seems, but you can feel something is lurking around the corner.

The episode flips on its head when Sara speaks to the Colonel — the administrators know about the fraudulent University applications. Sara says they know about the prank, but devastatingly, they know Colonel was 100% involved. Making the situation worse, there are legal consequences with parents hiring lawyers.

While Colonel keeps that to himself, Takumi tries to talk to Alaska about Miles and Lara, sensing she is bothered about the blossoming romance that is shown in public. Alaska chooses to deflect and goes to ring Jake, but he does not answer. When he tries to ring back, she walks away from the phone. Meanwhile, Lara is eager to give Miles a b*****b. It’s her first time, and Miles is uncertain about how to guide her, so bores off the moment for another episode of the series they are watching.

And then, the moment — The Eagle calls the Colonel into his office. Colonel tries to make it a race issue, but The Eagle diverts; he has two options — admit to the prank or fight and bring everyone else down with him. The Colonel is loyal, and he knows his fate.

Back to Miles, who decides to show Lara aggressive porn. Shock-horror, it does not work, so they choose to recruit Alaska for advice. I would say Miles is playing a blinder here, directly making Alaska jealous, but I refuse to believe he is doing this on purpose. Alaska shows Lara how to give a b*****b with a toothpaste tube.

Eventually, The Colonel tells everyone about his impending expulsion and does his usually overlong sentences and instills misery to the group. Miles pleads with The Eagle, but it is too late. Miles becomes guilt-ridden, but Lara tries reassuring him, claiming it’s a good thing they have got away with the prank and someone else takes the fall. Miles talks about “My Great Perhaps” again, resisting Lara’s perspective. He “kind of” breaks up with her for not wanting to support the Colonel. Episode 6 shows how loyal Miles has become, despite the possibility of it ruining his future too.

The night before his expulsion, The Colonel intentionally pushes everyone away, and blames Alaska for the entire ordeal — I’m paraphrasing, but in a nutshell, he said, “if she did not “rat”, then the version of events that happened would have never occurred”. It’s a shoddy reason to blame everything on Alaska. My perspective on this is the following; if his mother had an extra glass of wine, The Colonel might have never been conceived — we could apply that theory to everything. Anyway, he brings depression to the group, distraught by his demise. Alaska states that self-pity does not suit him.

Miles goes to smoke with Alaska. He suggests that they go back, apologize and stay with The Colonel until he leaves. When they return to his place, he is asleep, knocked out by alcohol. Miles and Alaska decide to drink wine and play truth or dare, which means, “let’s ask loads of leading questions until we kiss”. Miles finally gets his “girl”, and Alaska finally gets her “boy”, and as he lays in bed with her after I presume they have sex (not completely clear) he whispers “I love you”.

The next morning, Alaska hurriedly wakes up The Colonel and Miles freaking out, claiming she messes everything up. Alaska asks The Colonel to make a distraction for The Eagle as she has to go. Looking for Alaska Season 1 Episode 6, “We Are All Going” ends with Alaska driving out of the Creek and Miles giving her a longing look.

I get the sense the worst is yet to come.

Notable Points

  • Alaska gives her essay to Dr. Hyde — “How Will We Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth Of Suffering?”

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