We are the Wave Season 1 Review: Teens Fight For A Better Future

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 1, 2019 (Last updated: December 12, 2023)
We are the Wave Season 1 - Netflix Series


We are the Wave presents teenagers desperate for a better future for the country and the world, in a thought-provoking, relevant story for today.

In many ways, We are the Wave Season 1 is indicative of what’s to come. In recent years, our jaded political system has hit ludicrousy. After years of progressive ideas, we forgot about a silent majority that was waiting to fight back against modern liberal ideas. Their answer? Donald Trump and Brexit. We flagrantly pushed them too far, and our target for a better future is now thrown into a frustrating political system that we never aspired to. Hung parliaments, impeachments, fake news, climate change deniers, but most frighteningly, an increase of right-wing extremism in Europe and America.

Ironically, this has caused left-wing extremism.

And with 16-year old Greta Thunberg receiving targeted abuse from full-grown adults and climate change protests banned by the UK government, we are left with detest on both sides. We are the Wave is a story that articulates that underlying extreme movement that is caused by frustrated political landscapes. It follows the story of a group of teens who all hold idealistic views — We are the Wave is a revolt against the establishment, but also details what happens when anger moves away from social and is converted into physical action.

The opening episode of We are the Wave Season 1 mostly focuses on Tristan Broch (Ludwig Simon) and Lea Herst (Luise Befort). Tristan is the new kid on the block, wearing half-styled, half-shabby clothes. Lea is immediately drawn to him. His mysterious behaviour is the opening story as he has a way with words, and confronts enemies head-on. He’s within the parole system and clamours back to his “home” at a certain time every day.

You almost get the sense that Lea holds idealistic views in the opening chapters, but Tristan was the man that confirmed her beliefs. The curiosity takes precedence, and theory becomes reality. We are the Wave Season 1 sees Tristan, Lea and their new acquaintances plan leftist movements against right-wing authority, with some of these groups attached to neo-nazi rhetoric.

We are the Wave Season 1 is directed well. It understands the young mind. The music driving each chapter is cheesy, but the Netflix series understands social media, left-wing ideas and what is at stake in modern times. The formidable acting from the young cast shows that they truly believe in the story, as it distances itself from the generic teen-drama.

It’s a whole new era now for streaming with new platforms introduced, but Netflix have done well to add We are the Wave Season 1 to their roster.

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