Mortel Recap: There’s More Footage!

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 21, 2019 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix series Mortel Season 1, Episode 5 - La Solitudine


Mortel Season 1, Episode 5, “La Solitudine” brings the story to a nonsensical arena, with the narrative overplotted for dramatic purposes only.

This recap of Netflix series Mortel Season 1, Episode 5, “La Solitudine” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m finding this Netflix series incredibly boring and nonsensical.

It opens up with Victor (Némo Schiffman) and Luisa kissing each other until Sofiane turns up and shows the footage of his brother visiting a house where an unknown person speaks to Mordibo about Obe. Luisa thinks the unknown person is using teenagers to let spirits talk to the real world. Just teenagers apparently. Sofiane believes if he finds the house, he finds the man who killed his brother. Luisa tries to advise, but Sofiane dismisses it instantly and accuses Victor of allowing his “new girlfriend to get inside his head” before walking off.

What a baby.

Meanwhile in Mortel Episode 5, “La Solitudine”, Mrs. Jourdan sees footage of Sofiane and Victor going into her office and erasing her memory. Why is there always footage? There are cameras everywhere!

Luisa tells her grandma she is ready to learn voodoo but she declines, so Luisa steals the voodoo gear instead. Mrs. Jourdan calls Sofiane and Victor to her office and makes them aware that she knows they have powers. She takes Sofiane and Victor to see Laurine in the hospital and asks Victor to go inside her head.

Victor sees Laurine jump out of the window over and over again in a loop, and it upsets him. He collapses and confirms that Laurine is trapped in her own mind. Victor tries jumping out of the window himself in Laurine’s vision. Luisa is angry that Sofiane allowed Victor to perform his powers on Laurine.

But she’s quick to perform rituals. In the next scene, she cuts her hands and performs a ritual with her blood to find the house. While Victor recovers, Luisa and Sofiane head to the house. Ousmane is lurking around the corner and says “they’ve found the house” to someone on the phone.

Victor finally wakes up and suddenly starts drawing. He then goes downstairs and tells his mum that he’s changed and he will never attempt to commit suicide ever again.

Meanwhile, Luisa and Sofiane enter the house. Surprise, surprise, Obe turns up and says the murderer is inside the house. A person whose head is covered punches Sofiane unconscious.

Sofiane is then tied to a tree. The unknown person performs a ritual and Obe starts speaking from Sofiane’s body. Obe tells the person that the ritual did not work. Luisa pushes Ousmane over and Obe leaves Sofiane’s body to stop the person from stabbing him.

Why is Ousmane here again?

Anyway, when Sofiane returns home, his dad is hurt. He finds a note on his brother’s scooter that threats his family. Sofiane tells Victor that it is over and that Luisa’s grandma will kill Obe and that he will never know who killed his brother.

What a baby.

Out of nowhere, Victor hosts a party with his dad’s permission. Bastien shows up and makes Victor feel insecure. Victor finds Sofiane in his room looking at his drawings and asks whether he’s forgotten everything.

In a strange turn of events, we find out that Mrs. Jourdan and Victor’s mother are in a physical relationship. The series just drops that on the audience. Victor starts dancing strangely at the party, then whispers in Luisa’s ears and describes each friend of hers and their flaws. He’s being ridiculously insecure. Melanie begins singing on the Karaoke and Sofiane kisses her from nowhere, before walking off and leaving her upset.

What is his problem?

Mrs. Jourdan then decides she wants to help Luisa’s grandma and goes to her house to help with the ritual to stop Obe.

Obe shows up at Sofiane’s house. Sofiane demands that he leaves. Obe is summoned by Luisa’s grandma. As Victor and Luisa are about to have sex, Victor gets a vision of when he was a boy and was sexually abused. He freaks out and asks Luisa to leave him alone. She walks out, which I thought was strange as it was clear he was upset with something.

Mortel Season 1, Episode 5, “La Solitudine” ends with Luisa heading home and from the distance she sees her grandma’s apartment windows flashing red.

I actually hate this series.

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