Broken Season 1 Review: Netflix Exposes Mass Consumer Products

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 23, 2019 (Last updated: November 25, 2019)
Netflix Series Broken Season 1


Netflix series Broken Season 1 follows the same episode format and messages as Rotten, looking into negligence in the big consumer industries.

Netflix Series Broken Season 1 is a 4-part series looking into negligence in the consumer business. The series will be released on November 27, 2019.

Netflix has unleashed another investigative series, feeling like a byproduct of Rotten. Layered in plenty of information and facts, Broken is the next exposé. Split into 4 episodes, Broken looks into different industries and the wrongdoings of their practices.

There’s no order of play in the Netflix series, giving the viewer an opportunity to pick and choose which subject appeals to them the most. The second episode revolves around vaping, a particularly strong subject amongst smokers, especially now the industry has boomed with “smart vape pens”.

In America, vaping has become an epidemic among teenagers. And because vaping is easily accessible, with the ability to sneak a small vape pen up your sleeve for a quick hit, nicotine is now more addictive than ever. Broken provides an insightful 60 minutes into the vaping industry, its supporters and how Big Tobacco companies are cashing in to maximize profits. It’s a divisive episode in that we are still in a phase where we are trying to determine if vaping is bad for one’s health. I believe there will be many more documentaries regarding vaping in a few years’ time now that the industry has boomed.

Will we ever find a true solution to smoking?

Netflix’s Broken looks into the cosmetics industry; it dives into makeup and how certain products are laced with bacteria, while also looking at counterfeiting. Other episodes cover disposable furniture makers and single-use plastic products. There’s plenty Broken sinks its teeth into within four episodes.

As the baby of Rotten, Broken Season 1 is as insightful as it’s predecessor. The episodes are structured in the exact same way, highlighting how Netflix has found an investigative documentary formula.