I Lost My Body (2019) Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 24, 2019 (Last updated: February 7, 2023)


I Lost My Body is a wonderful animation that crafts the real sense of longing and young adult naivety in the story, combining two strands brilliantly.

Directed by Jérémy Clapin, we review the 2019 Netflix animated movie I Lost My Body, which contains no major spoilers.

Netflix film I Lost My Body showcases a character named Naoufel (voiced by Hakim Faris) that had inspirations as a little boy. It makes the point of showing his dreams to his parents when he was a child. Such confidence in his young voice, not able to understand the pitfalls of the adult world. Naoufel is the human in most of us — slumming to the depths of the clockwork machine that pays our wages and keeps us in the rat race so we can at least have a heated home and drinks with equally stressed friends on a Friday night.

I Lost My Body (2019) Review and Plot Summary

I Lost My Body presents an example of infatuation. Naoufel’s story is very much about his adoration for Gabrielle (voiced by Victoire Du Bois), who enters his world while he could barely stand up in it. The Netflix film makes love an idea rather than a reality, vacuuming that sense of young adult naivety that ekes into our nearly formed brains. Naoufel is barely an inspiration, barely a character that can be engaged with on an emotional or inspiring level as he succumbs to “what ifs” rather than “nows”. The movie expresses his ideologies in his glum-looking world and cascades into satisfying monologues, which are equally as impressive as the animation itself.

On the other side of I Lost My Body, we follow a severed hand that has tested the laws of biology and can move freely around the world without being attached to the body. It’s fascinating to watch the hand maneuver through the city, escaping hungry rats and ensuring humans do not see the miracle unfolding. The hand shows more character than Naoufel, which I judge to be the point of the film. It somehow characterizes itself as having a sense of care to the world and the people that live within it.

Is the 2019 movie I Lost My Body good?

I Lost My Body presents two polar opposite stories within the same city that slowly intertwine. It’s abundantly clear where the plot is moving towards, but in the same fashion, you appreciate the messages at play and the themes that run with both characters. I Lost My Body is a wonderful, well-created animation on Netflix and one that will undoubtedly be watched more than once.

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