The Morning Show Recap: Protecting Yourself

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 29, 2019 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Apple TV+s The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 7 - Open Waters


The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 7, “Open Waters” is starting a theme of survival as pressure grows on the network while Alex deals with her personal issues.

This recap of Apple TV+s The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 7, “Open Waters” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

There may be trouble ahead. Episode 7 begins with Chip (Mark Duplass) articulating his ideas to try and link the recent controversies to Fred. He wants to expose him, but Cory insists that they must be patient and wait to reveal a “cover-up”. You can never tell what Cory is truly up to.

Bradley meets Mitch, who claims he has plenty of information regarding the scandal that hit TMS. He says he can reveal everything, but in return, he wants an interview on the show. Mitch makes suggestions that Alex is not innocent and Chip will not survive.

It’s crunch time for Alex in Episode 7, “Open Waters”; she and her husband tell their daughter they are getting a divorce. Lizzy’s reactions solely blame it on Alex, stating that her mother put her career above everyone. This is a sucker punch for Alex. When she arrives into work, Bradley asks Alex is she misses Mitch — Alex admits she’s reached out to him a few times.

Producer Mia is under the heat in Episode 7; after a colleague makes a sly comment about her sleeping with Mitch, Chip instantly fires that colleague. Mia demands that he rehires the man, knowing that it could create another scandal. Meanwhile, Claire is fretting about a letter from HR asking for a meeting. Yanko admits that he loves her and encourages them both to speak to HR.

Chip continues his plotting in Episode 7, “Open Waters”; he tells journalist Maggie that he has way more information regarding the network, and she considers an offer to exchange information. Meanwhile, Fred is lining up for a new executive producer to replace Chip. Cory deflects and asks Fred if he is happy.

At the midway point of Episode 7, Alex is giving a breakdown of her divorce in the media and the pros, cons, and timing. It won’t be a simple, straightforward divorce. Alex asks Bradley if they could tackle the divorce news on TMS together.

With colleagues making more digs, Mia makes an announcement on the intercom; she talks about her reputation and Mitch — “some of you think I’m a victim, some of you think I’m a s**t”. She declares she wants to be known more for what happened with Mitch. She unravels the truths and gains her power back.

Claire and Yanko talk to HR about their relationship and their first sexual encounter. Claire is casual in the meeting and Yank is understandably nervous. Claire eventually freaks out when HR try to make implications that she has been taken advantage of.

In the final third, in what is likely to be one of the best scenes of the series, Alex goes to meet her daughter for a talk. Lizzy accuses Alex of melting down since Mitch left, and discusses how great her father is. When Alex tries to comfort her to “make up”, Lizzy holds off on any hugs, which triggers something in Alex’s brain. Alex says “f–k you” to Lizzy and gives her a piece of her mind. She goes into a passionate rant about her career and how her father was not as great as she makes out. Alex states she wants appreciation and happiness and questions Lizzy’s progressive values. It was a phenomenal scene, but Alex’s relationship with her daughter is as frail as ever.

The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 7, “Open Waters” closes with Mitch’s phone ringing — it’s Bradley. She agrees that if Mitch can find someone to corroborate his story, then she will be interested. Mitch goes to meet Hannah straight after the call.

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