Reprisal Season 1 Review: Patient Revenge

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 5, 2019 (Last updated: January 4, 2024)
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Hulu Series Reprisal Season 1


Stylish, dangerous, dark and violent, Hulu Series Reprisal Season 1 is exactly what the streaming service needed.

This review of Hulu Series Reprisal Season 1 contains no spoilers.

The opening episode of Reprisal introduces us to a glamorous looking, beautiful blonde woman, who tilts her cup of tea slightly when in the most intense dangerous conversations. Her name is Doris Quinn, played by Abigail Spencer. Do not be fooled by her odd smirk and kind flair — the Timeless actress hones in on a character that is a relentless femme fatale, who after being left for dead embarks on a long term plan to gain vengeance on a Southern-side gang.

Reprisal is stylishly on-point with a strong base opening the story. The world that Doris lives in is full of men that are consumed by hatred. Their personalities reek of disrespect and the gang (named the Banished Brawlers), are as dysfunctional as they are organized. The Hulu series plays the correct theme, idolizing a grandiose crime genre series, platforming degenerates with a tinge of neo-noir action.

Reprisal Season 1 does not hold back on the violence. There’s a Kill Bill vibe that is laced into the story. The innocence on show in the opening chapter by the leading woman cripples you into attention when Doris finally shows her true vengeful colors. The character places a man under struggle, suffocating for dear life with ease. There’s a no-mercy element to the story that audiences will enjoy, much akin to the likes of John Wick.

With the Hulu series relying on dark coloring to dampen the world the characters reside in, the performances excel in selling this world. The introduction of Ethan Hart played tentatively by Mena Massoud presents a young adult forming himself into a criminal careerist. There’s also Meredith, played by Madison Davenport — her first scene tells the audience everything they need to know. Like Doris, she is not irked by this world; in fact, she excels in it.

Hulu Series Reprisal Season 1 is certainly going to be a hit on the platform and one that will spur plenty of pop culture references. It oozes in style and gritty performances that make it hard to stop playing.

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