Virgin River Season 1 Review: She’s a City Girl, Living In a Lonely World

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 6, 2019 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Netflix Series Virgin River Season 1


Virgin River Season 1 presents the heartwarming story of Melinda Monroe who embarks on her new life in a remote northern California town.

This review of Netflix Series Virgin River Season 1 contains no spoilers. 

The lead character in Virgin River Season 1, Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), reminded me of my time when I was traveling and working. I reached my destination and I was escorted to the employee housing; my new home for at least six months. I was working for a middle-to-upper class hotel next to the sea, so when I saw my new home, which was down a dirt path and riddled with bugs, I looked at my manager and had the face that said, “I’m not going to last here”.

But I did last, and Melinda’s story in Virgin River is the old adage of a city person becoming accustomed to a new life. Melinda is a nurse practitioner, hired to help a doctor in a remote northern California town. Melinda is appalled by the state of her employee housing, but also warmed by the nice welcomes she receives from the locals in the town, plus a man named Jack who is flagrantly interested in her romantically. The only downside is that her place is not liveable and the doctor in the town is stubborn and refuses to work with her.

Virgin River Season 1 is a story to warm the heart. Melinda’s past haunts her, and the Netflix series gives the audience glimpses of what demons she is carrying. While Melinda requires to become accustomed to a remote area, in order for her to fully embrace Virgin River, she needs to understand herself again. There’s a heavy theme of self-care and healing that audiences will appreciate.

Each episode does provide a specific scenario that attaches itself to the Doctor’s practice, but Virgin River also offers an underlying potential romance. The Netflix series is slightly “smoochie” and could exist on Hallmark TV, but the drama and dialogue are well versed for a full season. Virgin River has arrived just in time for Christmas, and it does have that seasonal feel to it. 

Netflix’s Virgin River Season 1 is a heartwarming story about a city girl, living in a lonely world.

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