Michelle Wolf: Joke Show Review: Comedian Delves Into Outrage Culture

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 10, 2019
Netflix Special Michelle Wolf: Joke Show


Netflix Special Michelle Wolf: Joke Show is outrageous, hyper and hits home truths with the comedian providing a care-free approach to her jokes.

Dropping on Netflix on December 10, 2019, is the hyper, delectable Michelle Wolf with her new Netflix Special Michelle Wolf: Joke Show. There’s no theatrics, no introduction — she gets straight into it like a true stand-up soldier, and you are with her from the first minute. This Netflix special is hilarious.

She opens up by delving into the outrage culture; that spiraling “wokeness” that has gripped social media and produced cancel culture. Michelle lays down a home truth; we’ve found the ability to get mad at anyone, for any reason. She describes a time someone lectured her on Instagram for liking Otters.

“You don’t have to have a stance on everything” screams Michelle, and she’s absolutely right. Michelle Wolf hones in how upset we get over every subject while tapping away at our smartphones that were made by a child in slave labor.

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show is raw from the comedian with her no-s–ts given approach, and even allowing sudden silences from the audience before justifying her points that are met with roars of laughter. Michelle owns that stage and leaves no-one behind.

After delving into women and healthcare, and how having a baby should be treated as a disaster, Michelle goes onto the subject of feminism. Like many stand-ups recently, with Iliza Schlesinger singing from the same hymn sheet, Michelle Wolf believes she is not feminist enough for some feminists and observes how women are quick to tear each other down. “Equality is about valuing each other and giving each other opportunities”.

After many jokes about white women, Michelle Wolf: Joke Show nears the end of the show about men and their obsession with their own penises. “You know what she needs, a big d–k” she cries between each joke while stating every woman has different needs. Michelle Wolf: Joke Show is an outrageous, vulgar and hyper 60-minute stand-up that will have you howling at the comedian’s thought process, her impressions, and the audacity to speak the absolute truth. This is what stand-up is meant to be about.

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