You Recap: I Can’t Wait To Tell Our Story To Our Kids

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 26, 2019 (Last updated: December 5, 2023)
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Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 2 - Just the Tip


You Season 2, Episode 2, “Just the Tip” sees Joe in a bad spot with a man named Jasper as he battles with his new desire for Love.

This recap of Netflix Series You Season 2, Episode 2, “Just the Tip” contains significant spoilers.

“Just the Tip” is an extremely creepy chapter title, but what else can we expect from this crazy dark show.

Episode 2, “Just the Tip” opens up with Joe stalking Love (Victoria Pedretti); he claims he has changed; he has learned from his lessons and sees the red flags before they become an issue. Joe is now an optimist. Joe tells the story from a week ago when he arrived in LA; he tells us how he met Will, the conspiracy theorist. At the time, Joe wanted to find out how he could potentially depart to Mexico whenever he wants but come back when he pleases. Will gives Joe extensive advice about how to forge a new identity over several years. Joe did not have time, so attacked Will instead, and took his identity.

But Episode 2, “Just the Tip” presents a problem for Joe — Jasper. He asks Will about Jasper, but Will wants to know what the plan is; he states he needs light and meds. Will explains that he met Jasper on the dark web, but he has never met him. Will did not give Jasper his money back — three thousand dollars. Joe manages to get that money quickly by selling a smart tablet to an old man. Apparently, it’s that easy.

Believing his money problems are now a distant memory, Love and Joe explore the local fish markets. Love randomly kisses Joe for the first time and he enjoys it but starts hallucinating; he sees Beck in the distance and it distracts him from the kiss with Love.

Finally, Jasper meets Joe and introduces himself. Joe is surprised by how friendly Jasper is and gives him the three thousand dollars. Jasper asks if he will be still getting the fifty grand. Jasper immediately shows his true colors and cuts off one of Joe’s fingers and puts it in an ice bag, and says he will give him his finger back if he gives him the rest of the money. A stressed Joe meets Will, who is not coping well himself. Joe asks Will if he has the money, and Will claims Rufus owes him fifty grand.

This means that Joe has to cancel his date with Love due to the time and place he has to meet Rufus. Joe rings Love and says it is because of Forty that he cannot go on this lunch date with her friends. Of course, Joe spies on the lunch date anyway and scopes out all her friends. At first, he believes they are a “hippy-dippy love squad”; Love tells her friends that she didn’t believe that Joe liked the kiss but admits to liking him. She delves into how she has finally met someone since the death of her husband that gets her excited again. While spying, Joe sees a hallucination of Beck again.

At the midway point of Episode 2, “Just the Tip”, Joe heads to the meeting point to see Rufus, which is a typical day-time LA party. Joe sees the man who was popular at the airport and while checking out his social media profile, he realizes he is a popular stand-up comedian called Henderson. Delilah is at the party and is not pleased that Henderson is there. Joe finally finds Rufus, who does not give him money — he gives him a bag of pills. Apparently, Rufus has been giving Will meds for his mental illness. An annoyed Joe threatens Will and states he will hand him over to Jasper.

With the stress mounting, Love goes to Joe’s apartment and accuses Joe of lying; Forty is her twin brother and she wonders why he would lie. Love thinks it is about his ex and tells him not to run away. Joe gets flustered and ends up yelling at her. Love walks out — “I liked you”. Joe sees a hallucination of Beck again and this time she speaks to him.

Joe takes Jasper to Will, and Jasper claims that Joe needs psychiatric help. Jasper tries stabbing Joe, but Joe stabs him right in the chest. Beck then appears and says, “You see Joe?”. Joe speaks to Beck, explaining that he is just trying to survive and that he loved her. Beck shows him the strangle marks — “But you hurt me // you are afraid you’ll hurt her”.

Joe’s hope is that Love can make him into someone better. He cuts up Jasper into pieces and throws up. Parallel scenes show Love cutting up and making fish, while Joe grinds Jasper up.

Joe rocks up at Love’s house and she’s made him an entire meal. Joe admits that he liked how she kissed, but he is afraid of hurting her like he hurt his ex. Love asks Joe if he wanted to hurt her and tries persuading him that he can’t hurt her. Joe says he can’t pursue this until his ex is really gone so Love suggests being friends until he is ready. She speaks about how she felt the same about her husband James. Joe seems accepting of the situation.

Nearing the end of Episode 2, and Joe is being extra nice to Delilah. In the laundry room, Delilah talks about her experiences with Henderson when she was 17 and suggests that the comedian raped her. Delilah turns on Joe — “You act nice because you’re not”. Delilah knows there is bad in Joe.

You Season 2, Episode 2, “Just the Tip” ends with Joe cleaning up Will’s cage and leaves him with some cleaning wipes. Will asks about Jasper and says while he was passed out, he thought Joe killed him. Joe meets Love again and burns a note that says “goodbye, you” in front of her. She asks how it feels. Joe is ready to be Love’s friend, even though he is stealing her knickers and putting them in a box and placing it in a hiding spot.

Classic Joe.

Disturbing Thoughts

  • “I can’t wait to tell our story to our kids”.
  • “I think love should come out of nowhere, and sweep you up completely”
  • “No. Too much. Too soon. Too good”.
  • “So I could slay dragons to stay near you”
  • “The past is prologue”

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