Sex Explained Season 1 Review: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

January 2, 2020
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Sex Explained is a sister of Netflix series Explained, giving audiences bite-sized factoids on the different elements of sex, serving as a visual encyclopedia.

You may be aware of Netflix’s bite-sized factoids in the form of Explainedwell now the platform has decided to release a different version of that series — Sex Explained. Rather than release each episode on a weekly basis, Netflix’s Sex Explained has decided to release all chapters at once in a tidy limited series which you can watch in any order. I guess it is time to learn!

So what’s Sex Explained all about? Well… sex. Each episode explores a different dimension to sex and brings in the experts and facts to evidence the subject. None of the episodes is designed to be controversial or groundbreaking — like Explained, the Netflix series serves merely as an entertaining visual encyclopedia. The opening episode discusses sexual fantasies; for instance, why are the top 3 searches on PornHub related to mother fantasies? The episode delves into a lot of how our behaviors work with fantasies, whether we act on them, and the three common traits i.e. group sex or power and control.

Other episodes explore the reasons for attraction, birth control and why pregnancy prevention is not getting any better, fertility and childbirth. There is no need to watch the episodes in order but it is quite clear Sex Explained had a clear journey from sex/attraction all the way up to a child being born. It’s almost like the Netflix series is serving a warning to our young generations that sex is great and all that jazz, but do you want to have children and lose two years of sleep? Thought not.

Anyway, I digress; Sex Explained is worth the watch and it will hardly take the time out of your day. The series spans 5 chapters and in total adds up to 108 minutes, so you could easily have a whistle-stop tour by lunchtime and inappropriately throw factoids at your co-workers while biting into a sandwich.

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