Russell Peters: Deported Review: Reaching Middle-Age Sucks Health Issues, Relationships and Fatherhood



Russell Peters: Deported gives his crowd what he wants with high energy and delivering his signature banter to certain audience members

Amazon Prime Special Russell Peters: Deported will be released on the platform on January 17, 2020.

You can tell that fans of Russell Peters adore him. Camera footage in Deported see the fans full of admiration and laughter with each line he drops, even the less impactful ones. At the same time, you can feel the anxiety of the front row — they hope Russell doesn’t start his signature banter with them specifically.

Apparently his interaction with the audience is somewhat famous; it’s called his “signature banter” and I can see why. Russell Peters: Deported sees the comedian poke fun at audience members at will with wit and friendly humor. It’s impressive how fast he can formulate jokes on an audience member he has never met; you can almost see his brain thinking quick on the spot, excitedly ready to blurt out this roast.

Russell Peters spends a large portion of stage time talking about his health problems; how turning middle-age made him instantly fat. He rips into is Indian heritage — how Indians are naturally skinny until the genes give in around 40. He describes his anxiety of visiting the doctors; how going under anaesthetic made him extremely paranoid and how at a very young age, his acid reflux was not taken seriously because “Indians eat Indian food”.

Russell Peters: Deported demonstrates that the comedian has an incredible natural energy that surpasses the average person. As he moves onto other subjects like relationships and embarking in fatherhood it becomes abundantly obvious that this is a consistently funny 1-hour stand-up where no areas dip into boredom, or a story lulls slightly. Russell has this truth between himself and the audience — he understands his boundaries and knows when to tip his toe over the line.

Russell Peters: Deported is not the best stand-up this year, but it is memorable and has juice. 

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