Ares season 1 review – Netflix provides teen drama centring on an exclusive society Are you ready to be initiated?



Ares Season 1 could be a surprise hit on Netflix with the Dutch production taking on a story regarding an exclusive student society and a demonic portal.

Netflix Series Ares Season 1 came out on the platform on January 17, 2020 — watch now.

There’s nothing like an Illuminati-type teen drama to grace the thumbnails on Netflix Friday. Ares Season 1 arrives cuddled next to Sex Education Season 2 and Apple TV+’s Little AmericaIt does not stand a fighting chance against the giants, however, the story is compelling enough to give it a longstanding chance in Netflix’s international library.

The first thing to note is the lead character Rosa in Ares. She’s purposefully absorbing. Her experiences are paramount to the opening chapter; shackled by a sick mother birthing a trying home life and this willingness to stay in Amsterdam. Rosa is a character who is tentatively waiting to be unleashed, yet she half-acts like she lacks ambition. Ares is a story born from a character that cannot help but discover if there’s more to the life she currently has.

Of course, the premise is equally as intriguing as our leading character. Ares Season 1 centers on an exclusive and mysterious society held by students. Their elusiveness surfaces in the opening chapter, that consists of only 30 minutes, begging the audience to continue playing.

Netflix’s Ares is a series that opens the new world up rather quickly but at the same time, manages to keep the mystery intact. If you are an audience member that is engaged by grueling initiation processes and characters that delve into places that they shouldn’t be, and that has fantasy/horror-genre tendencies, i.e. opening up a demonic portal from the Dutch Golden Age, then you will be enlightened by this Netflix series.

Ares Season 1 is a respectable eight chapters long, with the drama evolving from the first episode. With intriguing characters, a terrifying premise and applaudable performances, this Dutch Netflix project could possibly be your alternative to an otherwise busy streaming weekend.

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