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My Holo Love season 1 is a close look at our near future, plotting a story regarding a lonely woman and her love for a sophisticated AI called Holo.

Netflix K-drama series My Holo Love season 1 is out on Netflix — add it to your list now. 

My Holo Love season 1 will be marked as a science-fiction tale wrapped up in its own self-indulgent romantic drama. And the K-drama series is exactly that, but I could not help but feel that this is our reality around the corner. The Netflix series follows a lonely woman named Han So-yeon who accidentally comes into possession of glasses that triggers the most sophisticated AI known to mankind that passed the Turin test. The AI is called Holo, which is pun-fully short for hologram.

The overarching story features Han So-yeon falling for Holo, created in the image of its prickly owner, in a world where corporate espionage and business bullying is rife. My Holo Love season 1 is not a simplistic love story, it’s embroiled in conspiracy as Han So-yeon becomes adjusted to this highly technological corporate world and learns the truth about falling in love with AI.

The realism of My Holo Love grips with your conscience that our ever-evolving technology and the overburdensome lonely world will soon be targeting those who feel woefully lonely. With app creators constantly trying to release the next best dating app, it will only be a matter of time where artificial intelligence will feel that void, that insecurity that compels you to believe that you need someone.

The opening of My Holo Love season 1 taps into that ideology. Han So-yeon is overly anxious and lives a rather closed life, failing to introduce herself to those she has a crush on and has the inability to approach professional acquaintances. Put aside the conspiratorial aspect, the K-drama series speaks its messages loud and clear. Han So-yeon and Holo is a clear Korean interpretation of Her, less graphic and void of distasteful sexual intrusion, but wholly representative of the dating industry.

In terms of the series length, My Holo Love season 1 claims itself to be a “limited series” but do not be fooled by the Netflix advertising on this K-drama. The series is 12 episodes long at 50 minutes each. From the perspective of K-drama, this is in fact limited, but from a Western perspective, this is not a quick weekend binge. Luckily, each chapter shows progress and a willingness to tell a story, and thus it comes recommended.

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