Better Call Saul season 5, episode 2 recap – what happened in “50% Off”?

February 25, 2020
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Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, “50% Off” gives us a flavour of Saul’s new career and Nacho’s efforts to gain Lalo’s trust.

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Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, “50% Off” gives us a flavour of Saul’s new career and Nacho’s efforts to gain Lalo’s trust.

This recap of Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, “50% Off” contains spoilers and information of how it ended.

That 50% deal that Saul offered was always going to mean an influx of clients performing complacent criminal acts and Episode 2 explores that. The beginning of the chapter shows a couple of hyperactive criminals inflicting crimes confidently due to the 50% deal. They hit the streets, take drugs, vandalize and continuously joke about 50% off.

And then we move back to Nacho who is always a character on the edge. Episode 2, “50% Off” sees Nacho thrust from his bed by Gus’s men in the middle of the night and shoved in the back of a car. They drive to a cafe where Nacho’s father is and threaten to kill him. Gus enters the car and explains that he wants to know what Lalo Salamanca is up to. Gus asks Nacho to gain Lalo’s confidence and trust. Nacho agrees.

As for Saul, he begins talking to his new clients while ironing in Episode 2. Kim tells Saul that her client took the 5-month deal but the tension between them is evident. Saul tries to arrange a movie night with Kim but she is not forthcoming about plans. In a spontaneous moment, Saul shows Kim a nice house they could potentially buy. While scoping the property, he admits to continuing the 50% deal for his clients and accepts it was a foolish thing to do. Kim tells Saul that she does not want to lie to her clients anymore. The honesty between them relieves some tension, and they have a bit of fun in scoping the house.

It’s so very, very clear though that Saul’s mind is also corrupted by ambition.

At the midway point of Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, “50% Off”, Nacho tries to converse with Lalo while playing cards but fails. But Nacho’s luck turns when there is a problem on Fifth Street — they need to fix a pipe that they funnel drugs down. Domingo gets arrested while fixing a drainpipe full of drugs. Lalo is frustrated that they left a full load of drugs behind. Nacho takes a risk and enters the property to get the drugs before the DEA smash the front door down — Lalo is clearly impressed.

Lalo is starting to trust Nacho, giving him decisions to make in Episode 2 — Gus has successfully infiltrated the Salamanca family.

In court, Saul is trying his best to keep it organized for his many clients. He purposefully gets himself stuck in an elevator with another lawyer named Suzanne who refused to hold a prompt meeting with him earlier. While stuck in the elevator, they agree plenty of deals together, wiping out many cases for Saul and giving him a good payday. Saul pays the maintenance man once they are out of the elevator.

Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, “50% Off” ends with Nacho asking Saul to get in his car while he was walking down the sidewalk — looks like Saul will be tasked with helping Domingo.

Episode 2 was a satisfactory, almost a filler-type episode but it was still entertaining to watch.

Brief notes

  • Lalo Salamanca tells Hector that he thinks Gus is up to something and it may be a lab — as long as he has money he’s protected.
  • Stacey rings Michael and asks him to look after Emily. Michael teaches her sevens in the multipliers. Michael and Emily talk about her father and raises how her father became a policeman like him before he was killed by the “bad guys”. He gets emotional over the conversation and starts shouting at her.
  • Howard congratulates Saul for getting back into law.

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