Beastars season 1 review – a strange, animalistic Netflix anime series Thirsting for meat.



Netflix anime series Beastars season 1 personifies wolves and rabbits at a college, which is stranger than it sounds, but highly compelling.

Netflix anime series Beastars season 1 is out on March 13, 2020 — add it to your list now.

An anime series that personifies wolves and rabbits in a college environment was always intended to be super weird. And to apply their animalistic traits mixed with human thirst is even weirder. Beastars works because of its intrigue; it begs to be a raw anime rather than hide behind metaphors and themes. The Netflix anime series is what it is.

The opening of the series shows there has been a murder at Cherryton Academy, a herbivore has been killed, and some suspect it is grey wolf Legoshi. It builds a platform that Legoshi may be the killer, but one that seemingly forgets his actions, and ponders his own ferocious impulses. There’s also a female dwarf rabbit named Hal, who is frequently bullied but forms an unusual bond with Legoshi despite his thirsting body language.

I believe most audiences will squint slightly at the bond that forms early on between Legoshi and Hal — sentences like, “You’ve never been with a herbivore before” as she strips off her clothes makes it a strange but compelling series. It’s the human story of meat-eater romanticizing with the vegan, but with animals, it means way more than that — the meat-eater may actually want to eat you. It’s like the tragedy of Angel, Spike, and Draculait’s oddly romantic and tragic at the same time.

Like all Netflix anime series’, Beastars season 1 runs for 12 chapters in consumable 20 minutes chunks and it’s rather easy and understandable to watch. There are many twists and turns down the road that will be enjoyed.

You’ll never think of wolves and rabbits in the same way again — Netflix anime series Beastars season 1 is a well-shaped concept.

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