Bloodride season 1 – Netflix horror anthology series is creative and timely Destination unknown



Netflix’s Bloodride Season 1 is a creative, easily consumable horror anthological series, witnessing the fates of various characters who have boarded a spectral bus.

Netflix horror anthology series Bloodride Season 1 will be available on Netflix on March 13, 2020 — add it to your list now.

As we approach our real-life horror movie of the covid-19 pandemic, it was only fitting for Netflix to release a horror anthology series for their self-isolating viewers. Friday the 13th is one to conquer our horror pleasures after all, but a small part of me could not even view Bloodride as a form of escapism — I was watching it thinking, will the food shortages kill me first, or covid? What if I can’t wipe my a*** with anything due to no more toilet paper? Are we a computer simulation playing out the creator’s sadistic fantasies?

But on a serious note, placing my anxiety to one side, the timely Bloodride is creative and well-written, without the need to watch any of the chapters in order. The central premise that produces anthological strands is based upon doomed passengers on a spectral bus, heading to an unknown destination, not knowing their horrifying fate. Netflix’s Bloodride is an easy horror-afternoon with an interested acquaintance.

And while we are living a horror series, the stories are easily embraced — from neighbors sacrificing their pets to change their fortunes to writers questioning reality to lab rats, Bloodride Season 1 is written with extreme variety to prevent horror fans from hitting the pause button.

And I say this ironically; with Blumhouse making an anthological effort with Hulu’s Into the Dark, on a monthly basis, Netflix has dealt a far superior quality product in smaller chapters and by releasing it all in one batch. I do wonder if sometimes less is more. Netflix horror anthology series Bloodride season 1 is an easy sell.

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