She season 1 review – a road to empowerment in Indian Netflix thriller Unleashing your dormant sexuality.



She Season 1 provides an enticing lead female character that is suddenly thrust into a world of crime by going undercover — this is a satisfactory thriller.

Indian Netflix Series She season 1 will be released on Netflix on March 20th, 2020 – Add it to your list now

Indian content on Netflix is becoming regular — last week we delved into Guiltywhich had a whopping 6.3m views on YouTube, which is vast for an international film released on the Friday slot. But this is hardly new; India has grown in the streaming market, and I do wonder if the UK and American audiences will embrace different international markets now that countries are going into Covid-19. This week, we have Indian series She Season 1 gracing the thumbnails and it’s strangely darker than is marketed.

It follows police constable Bhumi who was randomly assigned on an undercover mission to take down a drug ring. This required Bhumi to dress up and pretend to be a prostitute and tease a man named Sasya, so the police can arrest him. She Season 1 begins by showing a confident-looking Bhumi roaming a dark, dingy club, finding a way to capture Sasya’s attention.

But the whole image of Bhumi is deceiving — her character development reveals she is a timid personality, who became a victim to her now estranged husband who became frustrated by her lack of intimacy. She Season 1 purposefully sees the transformation of her character immediately, presented her to a world of seedy men, and ironically, her male colleagues, who have thrust her into the company of a man that has no intention of respecting her.

While taking on her new undercover role, the underlying story is Bhumi’s realization; that her work has awoken her dormant sexuality. As the Netflix series progresses, Bhumi learns more about herself. Her new role becomes a beneficiary of her new awakening as she takes down crime syndicates.

Indian Netflix series She Season 1 is strange and angles a lot into the unknown, but I think it will be understood, despite the dark undertones.

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