Better Call Saul season 5, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Wexler v. Goodman”?

March 24, 2020
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Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 6, “Wexler v. Goodman” sees Kim and Saul’s relationship hit boiling point as it becomes about trust.

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Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 6, “Wexler v. Goodman” sees Kim and Saul’s relationship hit boiling point as it becomes about trust.

This recap of Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 6, “Wexler v. Goodman” contains spoilers and information of how it ended.

Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 6, “Wexler v. Goodman” opens up with a young, teenage Kim on her own outside highschool at night. Eventually, her mother screeches the car into the high school grounds and she is clearly drunk. Kim decides to walk home on her own and her mum drives off saying Kim never listens.

This scene evidently becomes important later.

In the present day, Saul has an idea to do some visual mixing with the Mesa Verde advert. The video team says it will take a long time to do what he needs to do. Saul wonders if they can use a green screen instead — they all agree and Saul directs.

This scene shows that Saul has a talent for creativity.

Kim heads over the production to talk to Saul. She asks him if Acker will settle for $75k. She raises her concerns after Rich was suspicious in the last episode. Kim says it may not be worth continuing their plan. Saul says it is up to her and that they can end it now, and he shuts down the production.

Meanwhile in “Wexler v. Goodman”, Mike meets Nacho with Gus. Nacho explains that Lalo is using his C.I. connection to rat on the DEA on Gus’s operations. Gus insists that he must protect his people. Nacho explains that Lalo plans to chip away at Gus’s business including his stores. Gus states that Nacho reports to Mike. Nacho raises his concerns regarding his father to Mike but Mike says they need to focus on Lalo first.

Back to Kim; she speaks to Rich and apologizes for yelling at him and being unprofessional. He says she can pick bones but never in front of the troops. They both decide to head out to lunch together in front of the whole team to raise morale.

Mike needs to find a way to get Lalo out of the picture in “Wexler v. Goodman” so he uses an unsolved murder to conjure a plan; he meets a woman named Lily at a library, claiming that he’s a private investigator and that he wants to talk to her regarding the Travel Wire murder. He sits down with her and gathers information and asks her about classical cars. Mike shows her a photo of a specific classical car and asks if she confirms seeing that car that day of the Travel Wire murder. He then asks her to give Detective Tim Roberts a call to confirm the car to reopen the case.

Detective Tim Roberts now thinks he has his prime suspect for the Travel Wire murder.

Back to Kim in “Wexler v. Goodman” who is waiting with Kevin and the team for Saul to arrive to settle for Acker. Saul arrives and charms everyone. Saul tells Kevin’s legal team that he wants more than $45k and that he instead wants $4 million for all the pain caused. Kim is fuming at Saul’s figure, stating they had an agreement. Kim ends the meeting and asks Kevin to leave but Saul insists he must play a DVD first.

The DVD is Saul’s advert regarding Mesa Verde and in the video, it mixes Mesa Verde’s advert, starring Kevin’s father, but he’s placed actors in it who make accusations against the company. Kim and lawyers state Saul cannot use this material and that it is illegal but Saul has other ideas. Saul then gets out Olivia Bitsui’s photo and Kevin pipes up, claiming he has a copy of that photo at home. Saul claims the photo is the same logo of Mesa Verde and it can be copyright infringement — Saul has filed an injunction. Saul walks out whistling, knowing he has them beat.

Kim and the team debate Saul’s advert and copyright infringement. Kevin sneaks out to speak to Saul outside. Kevin asks Saul if he moves the call center will all this go away. Saul tells Kevin he wants Acker to stay in his house, receive $45k and a public apology plus he also wants Olivia Bitsui to receive a public apology and $200k compensation and credit for the logo. They both shake hands on a gentleman’s agreement.

As we reach nearer the end, Mike sets up Lalo with the police who stop his car. It’s the same car that Mike raised in the Travel Wire murder. Lalo is surrounded and asked to turn the vehicle off.

Well played Mike.

Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 6, “Wexler v. Goodman” ends with Saul apologizing to Kim about the legal meeting and that Kim being truly angry made it all authentic. Kim tells Saul that Kevin is tired of lawyers and is sticking to the gentleman’s agreement. Kim is clearly angry and upset and walks away as Saul wants to celebrate. Saul apologizes for his actions and starts justifying his actions claiming it wasn’t just him that won, they both won.

Kim tells Saul she does not trust him anymore and that he cannot guarantee that it will happen again — she states she is sick of the lying, and that she cannot keep living like this where they both tell lies to people. Kim hits her emotional peak, saying they will have to go their separate ways and remember the good times, or… they get married.

The ending of Episode 6 uniquely matches to the start, as a young Kim wanted certainty and trust in her life. Kim now wants trust and commitment in her life at an old age.

This was a brilliant scene, which is not unexpected with this superb series.

Brief notes

  • Saul sends two prostitutes to Howard’s table in a restaurant when he’s sat with a client. They tell him that he owes them money. Saul watches with binoculars from outside.

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