The Innocence Files episode 9 recap and breakdown – a shoddy drawing "Because he looked creepy"



The Innocence Files episode 9, “The Prosecution: The Million Dollar Man” reveals how Ken Wyniemko was imprisoned based on shoddy evidence.

This recap of Netflix series The Innocence Files episode 9, “The Prosecution: The Million Dollar Man” contains information regarding the subject matter. The episode discusses Ken Wyniemko, who was charged for robbery and rape. The Innocence Project took on his case to set him free.

What’s the subject matter of The Innocence Files episode 9, “The Prosecution: The Million Dollar Man”?

There’s a lot of conspiracy in The Innocence Files episode 9, “The Prosecution: The Million Dollar Man” that seems less dramatic than the previous episodes. It opens up in Macomb, Michigan — Detective Ostin and Marlatt ask Ken Wyniemko where he was on a specific date. He was then brought to a line but was subsequently freed. The next day, Ken Wyniemko is arrested again by the same detectives, calling him the “Million Dollar Man” because it’s “going to cost him a million dollars to get out of jail”. This sounds rather like a script from a film. Ken Wyniemko was accused of robbing and raping a 28-year old woman.

And like previous trends in The Innocence Files, Episode 9 draws the scenario that after the rape of that nature, the police wanted to catch a perpetrator as soon as possible. After someone tipping the police with a composite drawing, Ken’s ex-girlfriend claimed the drawing looks like him; there was also a lot of circumstantial evidence. Ken always felt the police had it in for him, even picking pro-prosecutor jurors.

Prosecutor Linda Harris played a strategy that made Ken Wyniemko look like a pervert. Ken’s ex-girlfriend claims she was scared of him and that he had certain questionable sexual fetishes. The prosecutor linked the fetishes to this case. Ken was deemed guilty and was given 40-60 years.

What irks me about this is that Ken Wyniemko’s ex-girlfriend was deemed as an important piece of evidence — surely this should have been questioned more? Exes are known to have bad feelings for their ex. Plus, basing Ken’s case against him because he looks “creepy” shouldn’t be part of a judicial system.

Gail Pamukov became Ken’s attorney with support from the Innocence Project. She was alarmed by the thin evidence. The victim was masked and was asked to review a composite drawing. The prosecutor Linda Harris was doing a lot of sex assault cases and was making a name for herself.

And finally, Ken did not match the description of the perpetrator and the prosecutor never sent the ***** for DNA testing because the victim was apparently having an affair — there was a lot of the evidence from the scene that was not looked at.

What is the basis that Ken Wyniemko is innocent The Innocence Files episode 9?

The Innocence Files episode 9, “The Prosecution: The Million Dollar Man” shows Gail Pamukov wanting DNA testing as part of the motion of appeal and Ken was excluded from the DNA completely.

What was the outcome of episode 9?

Ken Wyniemko was declared innocent but he had no clothes, money or home and the lawyer helped him get back on his feet.

Any other observations?

  • There were many holes from the prosecutor Linda Harris who claims she was doing all she could to have a thorough trial; there were tapes of Ken’s ex-girlfriend threatening him that wasn’t disclosed. The apparent confession from Ken Wyniemko was from an unreliable witness.
  • Ken got $3.7m dollars in compensation.
  • The real perpetrator looks nothing like Ken and because time had passed, they couldn’t arrest them due to the statute of limitations.

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