Hasmukh Season 1 Review – Indian series offers stand-up with a twist

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 17, 2020 (Last updated: September 1, 2023)
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Indian Netflix series Hasmukh season 1


Indian Netflix series Hasmukh is worth the watch for its oddness and blase approach — you won’t keel over in laughter ironically, but it’s certainly amusing.

Here is our review of the 2020 Indian Netflix series Hasmukh Season 1, which does not contain significant spoilers. 

Well, the Netflix series Hasmukh offers a different version of a serial killer. It follows a small-time stand-up comedian who is rather desperate for the big break; he has stage fright, and his idol refuses to give him his shot.

Hasmukh Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

The twist to the whole ordeal is that the comedian only gets his mojo when he murders someone who has deeply angered him. The opening episode sees Hasmukh murder the star of a show, only for him to walk out on the stage and give the best performance of his life.

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And the Indian series does not hide away from how bonkers it is. Serial killers tend to have their specific tendencies, but there’s no way anyone could get away from this.

Netflix’s Hasmukh is like if Dexter is a stand-up comedian who intrinsically murders someone before popping onto the stage — it’s absurd. But despite the absurdity, Hasmukh is a dark comedy that is easy to consume.

The lead character is very irrational and a caricature of himself. It’s odd that a man who had stage fright and could not string two parts of a joke together even wanted to be in the limelight. Hasmukh poses the question of whether it’s the thirst for jokes or the thirst for murders that takes precedence in the character’s mind. Surely there’s an argument here that it is the latter, as he cockily heads onto the stage and focuses his inner darkness on delivering joke after joke to meddle with the audience.

Is Hasmukh good or bad?

Indian series Hasmukh is only 10 episodes long, but at a rough 30 minutes apiece, audiences will binge Season 1 in a very short length of time, which is not necessarily a good thing at the moment.

But what a strange superpower to have — murder to be funny. The writers had a field day with this series. Indian Netflix series Hasmukh Season 1 is worth the watch for its oddness and blase approach — you won’t keel over in laughter ironically, but it’s certainly amusing.

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