50 States Of Fright episode 11 recap – “Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 3”



“Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 3” brings the weakest story to a predictable conclusion, though it remained watchable.

This recap of 50 States of Fright Episode 11, “Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 3”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Our damsel in distress is looking intently at the pictures on the wall of the old lady killer’s house, with female warriors attacking a she-devil .

Our two remaining pledge brothers are plunged into darkness, and as they move through the house we see them stalked by an unseen figure.

With one of the team locked in, the other looks for a key to free him, but the foreshadowed pepper spray is used by the killer pensioner who blinds him and attacks him. Luckily our shackled friend dispatches her and as they plan to escape they see the robed worshippers approaching the house.

There’s a nice drone shot of the team slipping out the back door back into the woods, then victim number 3 is taken out by Viking Lady.

Our last man standing and iron lady manages to flag down a pickup. They scramble in, as Viking Lady attacks, but they manage to escape.

In the safety of the back of the truck, he manages to free the girl from the iron mask, but her eyes flash, her face morphs into one of a demon, and she kills victim 4 before fleeing the truck.

So we are back to the holding cell in 50 States of Fright Episode 11, and the driver of the truck finishes his version of events.

Then we get an exposition dump from his interrogator, and we learn that the pit in the woods is a gateway that demons often escape through, and the people on the island are gatekeepers to stop the demons escaping, but the actions of the initiation have resulted in this demon escaping, then they kill the truck driver.

For me, this was the weakest of the stories, but the transformation scene was cool and I suppose the story made sense, and could I have guessed the end? Yes, I think I probably saw this one coming, but still watchable.

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