Hollywood season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Outlaws”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 1, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Hollywood season 1 review


Laced with stand-out performances, Hollywood season 1, episode 3, “Outlaws” shows the true desperation of Hollywood, as aspiring actors consider doing anything to get the “part”.

This recap of Netflix series Hollywood season 1, episode 3, “Outlaws” contains significant spoilers.

So what’s happening in Hollywood season 1, episode 3, “Outlaws”?

Ernie tells his boys that they will all be going to a George Cukor’s big Hollywood party. There will be exclusive clients there but later, loads of men gather together. So most of Episode 3 is about this big party and highlights how the LGBTQ+ community felt very lonely during these times. Plus, Episode 3 demonstrates how desperate people got to get “the part”

What’s happening with Roy, now Rock Hudson in Episode 3?

He’s been manipulated by Henry in Episode 3.

Rock meets Henry who tells him to never be late again or his career will be over. Henry then gets the Peg script out and tells Rock that he’s fired. Desperate, Rock says he will do anything. Henry tells Rock to come to his place that night and Rock spends the night watching Henry dancing and then they go to bed and spoon.

It’s all very strange.

We haven’t seen much of Claire yet.

No, we haven’t but she’s slowly coming into the story in Hollywood season 1, episode 3, “Outlaws”. We learn that Claire’s parents run Ace Studios and that they do not want her to be an actress. The next day, she suggests to Jack that they should rehearse together, but when learning that Jack is off to George Cukor’s party she says, “That was fast. Raincheck”.

What happens at George Cukor’s party in “Outlaws”?

George Cukor’s party gets into full swing and Ernie’s boys arrive. Jack tries telling Ernie that he got invited to the party but Ernie says he’s on the clock. Rock introduces himself to Raymond and they briefly discuss the picture. Mr. Samuels is drunk and nastily tells Raymond to go home.

Mr. Samuels looks conflicted and he seems interested in the men. Henry talks to him and suggests he’s into men as well. Moments later, Henry introduces Rock to Mr. Samuels and suggests they get to know each other.

What happens when Jack speaks to Henry?

Henry tells Jack that they must go for a walk if they are to talk about business. Claire follows and spies on them both. On the tennis courts, Henry tells Jack to pull his pants down and asks if he can suck his c**k. Jack gets frustrated and angry, saying he cannot do this anymore — that betraying his wife is getting too much and then accidentally says, “I don’t love her”. Jack starts talking about how he wants to be somebody and tells Henry that he isn’t going to do what he says.

Henry shouts after Jack, claiming he cannot do it without him.

When Jack gets home, he tells his wife he is sorry and that he’ll do better. His wife tells him that she loves him and suggests they go to bed.

What happens between Rock and Mr. Samuels in “Outlaws”?

In one of the bedrooms, Rock starts stripping himself naked in front of Mr. Samuels and asks if he will get into the picture if he does this. Mr. Samuel gets irritated and tells Rock that he isn’t this person and demands he puts his clothes back on.

Mr. Samuels starts crying and states he has been a good man all his life and all he has done is pretend to be someone else for the company. Rock hugs him and Mr. Samuels says, “Don’t become me Rock”. Rock calls Mr. Samuels a good man.

It was quite tragic, this scene. Seeing Mr. Samuels realize the man he has become and becoming reflective by looking at Rock was impactful.

What’s happening with Camille in this scene?

Well, nearer the start of Episode 3, she tells her partner Raymond that she should get the role in Peg, suggesting to rename it to Meg while having sex with him.

After the party, Raymond tells Camille he’s head over heels with her and he will fight to give her a screen test. The next day, Raymond tells Ellen and Mr. Samuels that his mother was Filipino but that he doesn’t want to hide anymore; he states Camille should get a screen test or he will not direct the film. When Raymond leaves the room, Mr. Samuels tells Ellen that they will be screen testing Camille and that he should have fought for Anna May Wong. Ellen loves Mr. Samuels’s rebellious side.

But you can’t help but think that the studio will serve him a backlash.

How does Hollywood season 1, episode 3, “Outlaws”? end?

The next day after the party, Henry apologizes to Rock for putting him in that position with Mr. Samuels but wish they slept together.

Henry then goes into a long speech about how he hasn’t felt like this for someone for a long time and that there is something about Rock. Henry then relives a time that he was in love with a man that really cared for him. This man wanted to be a movie star but he died in a car crash — “Something in me just broke”. Henry claims that meeting Rock gave him passion again: “I’m going to make you the biggest star in the world”.

Henry tells Rock he has a screen test. But then there’s a horrific turn of events; Henry tells Rock he can have friends in the town and he was wrong to suggest otherwise and introduces Rock to two naked men in another room. Henry suggests that he will watch while Rock lays on the bed with them.

This scene shows how lost, abusive, and manipulative Henry is. It’s an incredible performance by Jim Parsons.

Other points

  • Ernie tells Jack they are providing a service to gay men.
  • Roy tells Archie about his meeting with Henry Wilson and he’s called Rock Hudson. He also reveals he never had his meals when younger.
  • Roy and Jack believe they’ll be perfect for the male lead part for Peg.
  • Jack practices his script with Ellen Kincaid. She teaches him naturalism.
  • When Camille tries to change her lines on set, the director threatens to fire her.
  • Raymond finds out Archie works at the gas station.
  • Arnie sleeps with Vivien Leigh to calm her down.
  • Henry asks Roy to jerk off every day as he can’t be caught with other men.
  • Rock gets jealous of seeing Archie with other men at the party. He tells one of the men to go away and then tells Archie that he loves him and they dance.

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