Hollywood season 1, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 1, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Hollywood season 1, episode 7 - A Hollywood Ending


Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” is all about diversity and standing strong against adversity in an empowering episode.

This recap of Netflix series Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” contains significant spoilers.

How does Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” begin?

It opens up with Ace’s funeral and the dream of the movie all seem to be over. That’s until the editor tells Raymond that he made a copy of the movie.

“We’re still in the game”.

Avis holds meeting regarding the movie. Richard announces it as the first “wide release” to more theatres than ever.

And is Meg a success?

Jack and Claire are sleeping together and Claire tells Jack she does not care that he at one time was sleeping with his mother — and then they hear Avis scream in the other room.

Meg has broken all box office records.

So celebrations are in order.

Yes but now it’s all about how they handle the Oscars.

When Camille meets Hattie McDaniel she gets a round of applause at the bar. Hattie tells her to campaign hard if she’s nominated and demand respect, ensuring she’s on the front row where she should be.

The film is nominated for various awards, including best actress.

Archie tells Avis that he is going to the Oscars with Rock Hudson holding his hands to show the whole world that they are together. Avis warns that it will likely destroy Rock’s career and there will be violence.

How is the red carpet?

As Rock and Archie walk the red carpet, they are booed and photographers stop taking photos but they proudly keep walking. Henry chases after them and states they are both done. Henry turns around and tells Henry that he will never live like him and that he’s fired.

As you can tell, Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” is all about taking back power.

And then Camille is told her seat has changed and she’s no longer on the front row. Camille threatens to scream “fire” and have a fit in front of the press if she’s not allowed on the front row, and they let her through.

What awards do they win and lose?

  • Anna May Wong wins Best Supporting Actress.
  • Jack Castello does not win Best Supporting Actor.
  • Archie wins Best Original Screenplay
  • Raymond wins Best Director
  • Camille wins Best Actress
  • Meg wins Best Picture.

A very successful night.

What’s the aftermath?

Regardless of losing, at the party, Jack reads out his victory speech to the others, thanking all of them but then proposes to Claire for marriage — she accepts.

When Archie wins his award, he kisses Rock in front of the audience — they all gasp and some boo but he says he doesn’t care, “he’s happy”. Camille gives a firm speech about her life and how a little girl can look up at the screen and now dream of having no limits to what she can achieve — Anna May Wong gives a similar speech, celebrating as the first Chinese woman to accept the award.

High off the success, Avis tells Archie she’s extending his contract for 5 years and he can write anything.

1 year later…

Henry apologizes to Rock Hudson for how he treated him. He’s now been sober for 6 months, attended AA meetings but also explored how he’s homosexual, meeting a man in his life. Henry also vows to never take advantage of anyone again and begs for forgiveness. Rock states he has nightmares about him still and does not think he can forgive him.

Henry wants to make it up to Rock, stating there’s a new movie with two leading romantic men and the lead role will be him.

How does Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” end?

It ends sadly with Dick Samuels’s funeral — Ellen tells everyone that he changed this town and that Meg would not have been possible without him. His partner also gives a speech, saying one of his last words was, “I die an honest man”.

Henry tells Avis they should memorialize Dick Samuels by making a gay romantic picture — she immediately green lights it.

Some of the scenes are shot where it started — in the gas station. The film is called “Dreamland”.

Hollywood season 1, episode 7, “A Hollywood Ending” is all about diversity and standing strong against adversity in an empowering episode.

Other points

  • Ernie admits he has feelings for Ellen. He tells her he loves her. Ernie also tells her he has cancer and he might have little time left.
  • Archie tells Avis that he’s in love with Rock Hudson.
  • Avis won’t let Henry hold the Oscars.
  • Ernie tells Henry that since his success and the lip-locking on the red carpet, his gay clientele is down 75% at the gas station, which is why he’s selling.

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