Upload season 1, episode 6 recap – What happened in “Sleepover”? Catching feelings.



Upload season 1, episode 6, “Sleepover” sees Ingrid spending time with Nathan’s niece and Nora conflicted about her feelings.

This recap of Amazon Original series Upload season 1, episode 6, “Sleepover” contains significant spoilers.

How does Upload season 1, episode 6, “Sleepover” begin?

Episode 6 is Nora centric mostly — it opens up with Nora spending time with her father via VR while he’s in hospital. Her father asks about Nathan and suggests that she gets to know her date Bryant properly as that could be the difference.

Does Nathan know Nora has a date?

Well, Ingrid has offered to have Nathan’s niece for a sleepover and he introduces his niece to Nora. Nathan then asks Nora if she’d like to watch the sunset with him but she says she can’t because she has a date.

You can tell Nathan is jealous in this scene.

What’s the sleepover like?

The niece realizes how mean and nasty Ingrid’s family are to Ingrid. The dinner gets too much and Ingrid kicks her entire family out of the house and then she starts the sleepover with the niece, including doing each other’s hair.

How does Nora’s date go?

She tries to make the conversation deeper with Bryant which works to an extent. He pays for the meal and asks if they can talk more so the sex is hot later. Nora takes Bryant to her work and he wants to check out the avatars. Bryant is fascinated by them and keeps calling them dead, which offends Nora.

Nora bores him off so she can talk to Nathan.

Meanwhile, Nathan finally gets in touch with Jamie who’s about to head into a meeting so quickly put the phone down. This conspiratory story is building up slowly.

Dora turns up and Nathan asks her how her date went. Nora video calls Nathan from her office and shows him around. Nathan claims her office is amazing. Nora returns to Lakeview and shows Nathan the stars.

How does Upload season 1, episode 6, “Sleepover” end?

Nora tells Nathan that some of his memories were damaged and she asks him if he remembers trying to make a deal for his project called Beyond which he did not want to sell. She tells Nathan that it seems what happened to him wasn’t an accident.

Nathan asks if she reckons Jamie did something but then they decide to change the subject.

Episode 6 starts the romance between Nathan and Nora — Nathan tells her that she’s his favorite person and has felt more optimistic when she’s around and felt a bit jealous when she went on her date.

The episode ends with Nora falling asleep next to him on the grass the next day and her supervisor catches her.

Other points

  • Nora tries selling Nathan a Taco Bell “Crunch Me”.
  • Luke’s angel is at war with him for cheating the system and takes one of his fingers and then his *****. Her supervisor catches her and asks her to apologize.
  • Nathan’s niece tells Nathan that Nora is cute and can tell he likes her.
  • Ingrid gives Nathan’s niece Nathan’s shirt which she stole from his car. She reveals she set it to Occupant Priority which evidently didn’t work.

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