Get In review – Netflix French film is chillingly disturbing

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 1, 2020 (Last updated: December 12, 2023)
Netflix French film Get In (Furie) review


Netflix film Get In (Furie) is worth a punt and can easily form part of a horror/thriller night.

Netflix French film Get In (Furie) was released on the platform on May 1, 2020 — this review contains no spoilers.

French film Get In brings forth a scenario where a couple is on holiday in their camper van. When they return, they cannot open the gates to their estate — they have become victim to squatters. Ironically, they gave a couple of homeless people their house for a few weeks, and as long as they pay the utilities, they were allowed a short stay until they return.

What they did not know is that legally, they signed their house away to “tenants” so they have no leg to stand on with the police.

Get In is the kind of story where the core problem is not really the problem. While the couple is desperate to get back in the house, their relationship was already fractured and the pressure to return to normalcy is derived by the elephant in the room that they have issues to resolve.

As their issues intensify, the squatter position they find themselves in deepens, as they learn there is an underlying, dangerous group that is a threat to their life. Get In is often a horror more than a thriller in terms of how horrific their situation is. It’s in no way jumpy but it succumbs to invoking anxiety amongst audiences with the problems mounting — like the famous Amy Adams/Jake Gyllenhaal scene in Nocturnal Animals. 

Olivier Abbou, the director, is clearly fascinated with sex on the big screen, with sex and temptation being one of the story strands in Get In with every opportunity taken to expose characters’ body parts, and sex being an underlying element to the entire plot. While the whole squatting situation is a violent possibility, your interests are perked in whether the couple (Paul and Chloe) are ever going to get their intimacy back to where it should be.

Netflix film Get In (Furie) is worth a punt and can easily form part of a horror/thriller night.

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