The Great Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – “Love Hurts”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 15, 2020 (Last updated: December 1, 2023)
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Hulu series The Great episode 9 - Love Hurts


The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” is a strong penultimate episode as Catherine tries to influence more people into her coup.

This recap of Hulu series The Great Season 1 Episode 9, “Love Hurts” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” begin?

The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” sees the attempt of a coup go terribly wrong — it’s organized chaos.

The episode opens up with Catherine having sex with Leo and she’s relieved that he knows about the coup. Orlo is predictably against Leo being in the coup. They need to plan the Aristocrats Annual Party and to influence more people to join the coup, including Ristov. Velementov suggests killing the Archbishop — Marial warns him not.

The beard.

Issues with the beard returns! One of Peter’s bodyguards is found dead. Elizabeth thinks the death is a political murder. Peter wants to keep celebrating the end of the war. Rostov points out to Peter that Grigor has a beard. The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” shows the irony of Peter not punishing Grigor.

 The coup makes moves.

Marial, Velementov, Orlo, and Leo go to work to influence their respective targets; Orlo succeeds with his target even though it includes financial blackmail, Marial persuades Ristov to join and Orlo and Leo had to kill their target as they let slip that it was the Empress’s plan. They now need to deal with the man that was killed.


Peter is alerted that a new man is dead. Catherine needs to persuade him that it isn’t a coup; Peter is fuming, smashing up the room. Elizabeth suspects something is going on — Peter puts plans in place to torture everyone until someone spills. The coup group panics about Peter’s plans. Peter hires a lot of guards for him and Catherine to keep them safe. While under protection, Catherine tells Peter they need to kill and replace Archbishop which makes him smile — she’s come a long way.

The torturing begins.

Catherine is dismayed at the torture and the variety of different ways they are doing it. Peter asks the Archbishop to be put test but he takes the pain well. Peter is so impressed that he assumes the Archbishop is not a traitor. Catherine feels guilty and says it is her turn to be tortured as everyone needs to be tested — while getting tortured, Peter stops it. Catherine tells Grigor that she can see inside his head and that she can tell he wants to kill Peter. Catherine asks him in front of Peter and Georgina if he wants to kill the Emperor but Peter thinks Catherine is being foolish — “Grigor loves me”.

Rostov’s assassination attempt. 

Rostov learns of a secret passageway from Marial so heads to the Emperor’s quarters and tries to kill Peter but his neck is sliced. Rostov is seen as the traitor. The Archbishop asks Marial if she was part of the assassination attempt and when he learns she was he is dismayed — luckily, Marial is good friends with the Archbishop.

How does The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” end?

When Catherine and Peter head to dinner, everyone looks angry due to the torture. Catherine gives a speech saying her heart breaks at their pain and sorrows but that she also sees love inside them — “Today, you are all as one. We are all Russian”. The people at the table are inspired by her speech and it evidently shows Catherine’s knack for leadership is growing. The episode ends with a shock for Catherine; Peter tells her that he has odd feelings for her — “I may love you.” He then kisses her. And it gets worse, much worse; when she returns to her room, she learns that she is pregnant. The Great episode 9, “Love Hurts” is a strong penultimate episode as Catherine tries to influence more people into her coup.

Other points.
  • Leo tells Catherine that he’s killed before — it’s Russia.
  • Georgina and Grigor are not on the list for torturing — Georgina drugs him and shaves off his beard.
  • Archbishop tells Elizabeth she is immoral for kissing another woman.
  • The Archbishop tells Elizabeth that Peter is being irrational and suggests that she could be a potential replacement. Elizabeth tells him that Peter will be fine.
  • Grigor tells Peter that every time he has sex with Georgina it hurts — Peter says he will not have sex with her anymore. Grigor suggests that Peter loves Catherine.

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