Homecoming season 2, episode 2 recap – what happened in “Giant”?

May 22, 2020
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At this point, everything is a twist but Homecoming season 2, episode 2, “Giant” is very well directed.

This recap of Amazon original series Homecoming season 2, episode 2, “Giant” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Homecoming season 2, episode 2, “Giant” open?

Episode 2 picks up where it left off, adding a strange continuation to Jackie’s life. It opens with Jackie waking up in the motel room with a car alarm blaring outside — she realises she has the car keys and stops it. She enters the car and finds what looks like an invoice — she pops the trunk and sees a big bag of cat litter inside which makes the entire mystery of the situation even stranger. Clearly fearing for her safety, Jackie buys a taser and a hammer from a hardware store.


Using the invoice in the car, Jackie finds an address. She overhears Audrey in the house, providing our first connection to season 1. Jackie finds a window into the house and sneaks around. She can hear Audrey panicking about something that is “f***ed up” as she leaves the house to head to the office. Jackie gets in her car to follow her.


The light relaxing music suggests that the car journey was long. Jackie arrives at “Geist” and realizes the company name is the same labeling on the vial. Audrey is still rushing and she appears to be prepping a launch with loads of balloons. Jackie is asked if she’s here for testing; she’s taken to a very white room with a few people sitting around a table — the room turns red and there is a hissing sound in the middle. A man tells her to stay in the room and enjoy the aroma experience. The table discusses negative associations with citrus. Jackie asks the leader of the table if this company makes air freshener — the man says they make a whole range of household products. Homecoming has such a way of making everything feel so strange.

Audrey speaks to Leonard

At the midway point of Homecoming season 2, episode 2, Audrey enters a greenhouse and asks Leonard why he wants to speak at the launch; the man is dismissive towards her, and Audrey is firm, saying she is trying to help bring things back to normal with a new partner. Leonard does not back down, insisting he will be speaking.

Audrey’s office

Jackie tries fleeing and she tasers the leader of the group on the way out and marches up some stairs. She ends up in a different part of the building. She finds an office with Audrey’s name on it and on the desk are loads of vials with red liquid inside. The music stops as Jackie sees a photo of her on the wall.

How does Homecoming season 2, episode 2, “Giant” end?

Leonard gives his speech; Jackie watches it from above. The speech is rather awkward and Jackie makes her way down to the ground floor. Leonard talks about the giant who is starving “who wants it” and says it means f***ing nothing to the giant — he turns to Audrey and says it’s a metaphor and he’s trying to warn them. Audrey turns off his microphone and releases the balloons so everyone can start celebrating. Audrey and Jackie then look at each other from both sides of the room and Audrey walks up to Jackie, randomly kisses her, and asks where she has been — she also calls her Alex. Jackie is confused and Audrey wonders where Walter Cruz is. At this point, everything is a twist but Homecoming season 2, episode 2, “Giant” is very well directed.

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