Lenox Hill episode 4 recap – what happened in “Together”?

June 10, 2020
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Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” is mostly about delivering the news, one that is positive and one that is too close to home.

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Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” is mostly about delivering the news, one that is positive and one that is too close to home.

This recap of Netflix documentary series Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” contains episode-specific information.

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How does Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” open?

Episode 4 opens up with Mitzie answering questions as part of her rehabilitation — she’s progressing well. David gives patient Gary a briefing on his surgery: He’s a former heroin addict who has a very big arteriovenous malformation on his brain that’s been giving him very severe headaches — they can’t give him narcotics post the surgery. David explains how most doctors don’t want to take on people like Gary due to the perceptions but they are like any other human being. Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together”, raises the social complications of drug addicts and how the perceptions from the medical communities still need work.

Family care

John narrates, discussing how much of the care starts at the family level; doctors sign-off a patient and it’s seen as a success but when they leave the hospital, they still require some care but families have to work. I found this to be a relatable statement as my grandmother is going through something similar now with her terminal cancer; my mother and uncle struggle to ensure she has the care she needs while working.

Sinking in

Mitchell discusses how the people who did his PET scan in 2014, they missed the cancer. He’s only known about this for 48 hours so it’s still sinking in. You can tell here that it hasn’t sunk in yet and his whole life is in a spin. Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” takes on a difficult story.

The gender reveal

Amanda Little-Richardson and her partner Kevin have chosen to know the gender of their baby — it’s a girl. She expresses how her partner has been more practical, researching Noonan disease and they are both optimistic. Amanda and her partner have chosen not to tell their parents but Kevin accidentally gives it away in one of his sentences, which is a funny and sweet moment.

Pros and cons

David gives the pros and cons to Mitch of getting treated at the hospital — one of the cons being privacy and politics but Mitch seems comfortable with at least having his diagnosis at Lenox Hill. David narrates, stating that when one of their own gets sick, it becomes about the ego — you want to treat the patient. Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” raises a valid point regarding doctor/patient confidentiality and the emotional ramifications of treating “your own” at a hospital.

It can be a touching moment

John provides surgery on a patient that is 65 with such a complicated tumor that they can only take part of it out but the patient wants to make it to his daughter’s wedding, so they are extending his life only by several months. It’s touching when the patient wakes up and cracks jokes immediately.

Delivering the news

Good news for Mitchell — the cancer hasn’t spread to below the neck down which reduces the risk of it being terminal. David narrates how calm Mitchell has been, calling it amazing. Episode 4 ends with the retreat where Mitchell tells his other colleagues that he has neck cancer. Mitchell tells the audience that he needs to work out whether he will be in the statistic of those who survive. Mitchell finally tells the others — Mitchell does not want a pity party. Interestingly, he discusses the type of procedure to remove the cancer, which will make one side of his face numb and how he does not want that in his life. Lenox Hill episode 4, “Together” is mostly about delivering the news, one that is positive and one that is too close to home.


Mirtha Macri, DO — Emergency Medicine

Amanda Little-Richardson, MD — Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology

David Langer, MD — Chair, Neurosurgery

John Boockvar, MD — Vice Chair, Neurosurgery

Rafael Ortiz, MD — Chief of Neuroendovascular Neurosurgery

Sherese Fralin, NP — Director of Advanced Practice Nursing

Eran Bornstein, MD — Vice Chair of Obstetrics

Mitchell Levine, MD — Director of Spine Surgery

Jill Kalman, MD — Executive Director, Lenox Hill Hospital

Nancy Lipsitz, MD — Anesthesiology

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